Friday, July 27, 2007

A torrid Love Affair with Manny

On Wednesday, Manny infuriated me, to the point where I couldn't watch the NESN highlights.

On Thursday night, Manny reminds me once again why he is one of our day's premier hitters.

So it is, as a Red Sox fan, the torrid relationship with our left fielder, Manny Ramirez.

Manny bein' Manny. We hear that statement alot. So what does that mean?

It translates to this: I love my Red Sox. I support my team. No matter who is on it. Manny is our left fielder. I love his bat. I can't stand his attitude. I hate how he jogs to first base on ground balls. I hate how he will never speak to the media. I get frustrated that he doesn't always dive for popups. But, I love his bat. I love his bat. I love his bat.

Manny will be Manny. He will show you greatness, and the next day he will also show you idiotsy. Like it or not.

On Wednesday, the Nation was pretty miffed as to why Coco Crisp slowed down while trying to score the tying run in the sixth inning. He got nailed going home, and was a key reason why we lost the game, 1-0. My issue was with Manny. The on deck guy is supposed to signal to the runner going home, whether to slide or stand coming home.

Manny Ramirez wasn't around to help Crisp along from the on-deck circle. Instead, he was talking to someone in the dugout. Coco didnt see how close the play would really be. He slowed up, and was tagged. Ugly.

Last night, Thursday, it was the Manny offense show. His first home run was the 3rd longest home run in Jacobs field history. His second homer was icing on the cake, during a 17 hit game. Manny just bein' Manny.

This is the time of year where we usually see Manny having an episode. This is about when he tells the world he wants to be traded, needs time off because his "quad" hurts, etc. Funny thing is, this is the first year that he hasn't done it. For once, it's pretty quiet in Manny's World.

Just Manny bein' Manny. I suppose when one measures the good vs bad, it comes down to a player's production on the field. For this girl, that is good enough for me.


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