Monday, July 23, 2007

Guess who's back... Back Again...

The really intriguing thing about baseball, is that it is a game of continuous cycles. Sorry I haven't written in a few days; I've been away camping with family and friends, but now I'm back to work, just in time for tonite's opener in Cleveland. Since our last chat, the Sox have won 3 straight, and the uninspiring offensive seems to have come back to life. Just another cycle.

We leave Boston having gone 6-5. I really expected it to be more like 8-3, but at least we went above .500 before heading out on the road. Beckett, Gabbard and Wakefield got the "W"s, and we saw some really nice offense from the likes of Coco, Lugo, Lowell, Manny, and Drew. We scored 29 runs in the last 3 games.

The good news out of Pawtucket is that Schilling had a great outing on Saturday. Curt struck out 6 in 3 scoreless innings. Of his 40 pitches, 32 were for strikes. Sounds like he will return in 2 more starts, which brings us to our lead story: JON LESTER.

Lester is back to fill the pitching void, for a least 2 starts, beginning tonite. Joel Pinero has been designated for assignment, to make room for the fan favorite.

Lester's story is such great one. Just 11 months ago, we all heard the news that the then 22 yr old, was going away, to begin chemotherapy treatment for a form of cancer. At the time, the Sox were just plagued with injury after injury after injury. To hear another guy was down, was just par for the course. But this time, the "injury" was serious. This young guy was fighting for his life. Now, a year later and in remission, he's about to take the mound. Is he ready?

You wonder if the Sox are using this time to showcase him, as the trade deadline approaches. Some scouts say he's struggled in Pawtucket. It's the reason Gabbard got his shot in Boston in the first place.

Regardless, in my heart it doesn't matter what the stats will be for Jon Lester after tonite's game. Maybe he will exceed the high expectations, and dominate to a win. Or, maybe he will get shelled.

Does it really matter? The fact is, Lester is already a winner, regardless of what his numbers will read.

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