Tuesday, July 10, 2007

a few photos from Fenway

Hey, look! Its Manny (derek) and Manny (jon) just bein' Manny.

Man, could my friend Mike get any closer to JIM RICE and TC during the NESN pregame show?

Whew!... do you see how close we just got to Varitek?

OK so now, here I am, cooling off after getting within a foot of Jason Varitek

So when your team is up by 9 runs, and its raining, what's more fun than just watching a ballgame?

Well, when you're 5 yrs old, Josh knows.... catch yourself some raindrops!!!!

thanks to Mike and Debbie for the photos, and to Luke and
Audrey, and Kristi and Darren for allowing their sons to grace the pages of this here blog with mine.

Let's all enjoy 1 more day off, and then we are off to the second half!!!!

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GreenMikester said...

it was a great game. Its been a long time since i've seen a rout like this ! Especially with COCO going deep for a granny in the 1st inning !! can't wait for the nest game !!!