Monday, June 25, 2007

West Coast Stuff

Are you guys getting a bit tired of being out on the West Coast?

These 10:00 games are tough... we all really want to stay up, but then you certainly pay for it the next day, when you've got to get up with the kids and go to work.

I should quit complaining... we're 11 games up in the AL East, for crying out loud! 11 1/2 up currently on the Yankees.

Tonite begins the first in a series in Seattle, against the Mariners. I'd like to think this will be a cakewalk tonite against Jeff Weaver. If you guys remember, he got absolutely crushed by the Sox at Fenway in April. He only lasted 2 innings. But, since that time, he's been on the DL, and has steadily improved. The Sox can't take for granted that this will be easy. If they do that, they will lose.

Seattle has just seen its old hometown hero, Ken Griffey, Jr. light it up in Safeco Park yesterday. Lots of hype and distraction over the weeked, so tonite will definitely have a better feel, for them. More normal. I guess if you call a stadium full of Red Sox hats and jerseys normal.

It's just great to see the Interleague play finally come to a close. Its fun to watch the true rivals battle one another: Yanks/Mets, Cubs/White Sox, Angels/Dodgers, Orioles/Nationals. But being a New England girl, I am an American League follower through and through. I hate that there's no DH in a national league park. I hate seeing Papi at first base. I hate that if Papi's at first, then either Lowell or Youk will sit the game out. I hate seeing pitchers hit; its an almost guaranteed 3rd out. Its fun for 4 or 5 games, then I have seen enough.

Good luck tonite, Tavarez. Tomorrow Gabbard makes his major league return, to fill in for Schill while he rests that shoulder of his. Gabbard did pretty well last time he pitched. We'll see how he fares against Ichiro.

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