Friday, June 1, 2007

Wake UP, Nation!

Do you think A-Rod was as amused as I was with these masks?

Man, when we lose, boy do we lose!!

Certainly not a pretty game tonite, losing the first of the series to the Yankees, 9-5. Wakefield and Wang both pitched pretty badly.

The difference is that Wang didn't walk 6 batters, hit a guy, and throw a wild pitch. Wakefield sure did, Wakefield STUNK, and we lost.

You CAN'T walk that many guys, and expect you are going to win your game. Ugh.

Lots of drama ensued in the 9th. Lopez hit Cano, and the pitchers we warned. Then in the 2nd half, on an 0-2 count, Youkilis got hit by Scott Proctor. Youk felt since it was about 2 inches from his head, it was on purpose. Youk was actually the fifth hit batter of the game to get hit - and he started to the mound. The benches cleared, Proctor was ejected.

Nothing like a little visit to Fenway, to get everyone's emotions all revved up!

Here's to Saturday. Going to the game with all the boys, meeting friends there, rooting for Curt to bring us a win. Look for us on TV, we are right on the Pesky Pole, we will be the ones with the Roger Clemens signs (my husband did a great "Where's Waldo" poster, and put Roger's face over Waldo; it's GREAT), and my little one will be wearing his favorite cap, the Cat in the Hat one. Its a bit over the top, but this hat is a great way to spot my 3 year old in a crowd. He looks pretty cute in it, but its really for safety so I don't lose sight of him...

I'll write again on Sunday; hope to have lots of great things to say!!

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