Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Try with a Little Help from your Friends

I heard on WEEI today, that Tim Wakefield was pretty busy in Arizona, even though we didn't see him throw a single pitch.

The current TV-Radio analyst for the Arizona Diamondbacks is Tom Candiotti. He is a former righty who was well known for his knuckleball. He spent a good amount of time in the '80s, pitching for the very forgettable Indians, in addition to playing for LA in the 90's. He was actually a pretty good pitcher, who just happened to play for some really bad teams.

Even though we've got one heck of a pitching coach in John Farrell, just what does John know about a knuckleball? Not very much. But Tom Candiotti certainly does.

We all know that Tim Wakefield has been having some pretty tough times on the mound over the last 6 weeks. So Tim spent a bit of time with Candiotti, to talk about his stuff.

Tom watched him pitch and noticed something wrong. Something was different about his delivery and it was affecting his control. The two men talked about it, Tim made some adjustments, and they both saw improvements to his pitching immediately.

HMMMMMM... I wonder if we will witness an improved start tonite after all of this homework, as Wake takes the mound at home against the Colorado Rockies. C'mon Tim, we are Rooting for You!!!
As an aside, here's a quote from Bob Uecker, on the best way to catch a knuckleball:"Wait'll it stops rolling, then go pick it up."

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