Thursday, June 14, 2007

Take a chill, Schill...

When we were up 14 games upon the Yankees, I suspect the Red Sox locker room was so very full of life...

You know, maybe Lugo and Coco are singin' a tune, and Papi is sitting next to them, laughing. Tavarez is standing there, in his Big Papi slippers and his "Manny bein' Manny" t-shirt, dancing with absolutely no rhythem. Lowell is nearby, quietly smiling, and taking it all in.

While all of this is going on, on the other side of the world, the Yankees locker room at the same time was like this: quiet, drab, no music, no laughter. Johnny Damon comes in with a jock on his head, trying to get the other guys to laugh, and being told by A-Rod to shut up.

The way things are going these days, when I think of the Yankees locker room, today it is probably more like this: A-Rod is slapping his buddies with a towel, with those god-awful white gloves on, and high five-ing everyone.... AAAARRRRGGGHH! it sounds more like a nightmare, doesn't it?


When will everyone realize that no team plays perfect baseball all year long? There will always be cold patches along the way. Yes, indeed, we are seeing one of these funks right now. And it is ugly, no doubt. None of us want it to happen, but you cannot expect the Sox to win night, after night, after night. There will inevitably be days, sometimes even several days in a row, where our Mighty Red Sox just can't get it going.

On my lunch break today, I turned on some sports radio, knowing full well there were going to be a bunch of panic stricken Sox fans calling up, and freaking out. I was right. Some fans are ready to put Schilling on a stake and burn him to death. Tito stinks, JD stinks, Schilling stinks, Lugo stinks, EVERYBODY stinks. Everybody except those darn guys in pinstripes.

I think because the Yankees are on fire right now, it just isn't making this most recent slump any easier to take.

Hey, let's all agree that last night's loss again the Rockies was terrible. Losing by so much against the Colorado Rockies. Schilling went from a one hitter, to a 9 hitter. Add to that a couple ugly errors in the infield, and this game was OVER.

Hey, that is why this game is so awesome, and why I love it so much. Just when you think you know everything, you realize you know nothing. 2 weeks ago, the Yankees were dead, and the Mets were the hottest team around. Now the Yanks are tapping on the Wild Card door, and the Mets have forgotten how to win a ball game. It's a season full of streaks -- hot, cold, up, down, hurt, healthy, out, safe, win, lose.

This week is just our turn to lose. As quick as it comes, it goes. And this, too, will go.

Take a deep breath, guys. Don't worry so much about the standings. We still have about 100 more games to play, and SO MUCH is going to still happen between now and the end of September.

Hey, Barry Bonds is coming to town this weekend! This means we get to drudge up our opinions on steroids all over again. Should we turn our backs to him when he is at the plate, in protest? Or do you think he is a fabulous player who is being unfairly judged? I'll save my thoughts on this topic for an upcoming posting over the next couple of days. And hopefully we will be talking also about the next best Red Sox streak by then as well.

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