Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Take 2 pictures and call us in the morning...

So I am sure you have all heard the news by now... Curt is coming home early for an MRI, to see what the heck is wrong with him.

Last night's outing was horrendous... 4+ innings, allowing 6 runs, 10 hits, no strikeouts. Another loss. Velocity never reaching above 89 mph. Let's face it, other than the 1 hitter a few games ago, he hasn't been himself these days.

Is it age finally catching up with him?

I wonder if he's had a lingering injury for at least a few weeks now, but was afraid to say it out loud. You know, being a contract year for him and all, he certainly doesn't want ANY bad news to come out. Kinda hard to hide it, though.

Wasn't it just last week, that Curt revealed to the press that he is still willing to take that $13 million hometown discount for next year, if the Sox Management was interested? With all that Clemens got in his recent contract in the neighborhood of $18 million for 2/3 a season, I find it kind of odd that he would suddenly want to sign in midseason. He was pretty adamant in spring training that he wanted to sign during the spring, if not, he was shopping around.

Maybe Curt knows more that we do. Right now he's icing a shoulder all by himself in Boston, while the rest of the boys ramp it up in Atlanta.

Hey, I will always love Schill. Very few athletes would take risks like he did in '04 and experiment with the ankle, risking an early end to a great career. He will always get a pass from me for this.

But '07's Curt is different. Something's wrong. It's not about making adjustments anymore. He has done that this year already, with some decent success. Maybe they won't find anything serious with the MRI. Maybe a 15 day stint on the DL to get some rest and put it back together is all he needs. Red Sox Nation can only Hope.

We Sox fans have been pretty lucky so far. This could be the first major DL stint for a Sox pitcher this year. The good news, is that Lester is ready to advance up to Boston, and is chompin' at the bit, as it were. Lester's been pretty solid in Pawtucket this year. As of 6/11 he's had 5 starts since May 19, and has a 1.93 ERA. Not too shabby.

So, here in my Corner of the Nation, I will hope for the best, and plan accordingly if the best is not to be. It won't be the end of the world if he goes on the DL for awhile, guys. Look at his performances recently. He needs a break.

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