Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Se-Attle, Se-Attle, Not My Kinda Town....

bet 'cha bottom dollar....

I don't get why we have such a tough time out in Seattle. The Mariners seem to have our number out in Safeco field.

Monday, they made Tavarez look weak, and Timlin look foolish.

Tuesday, they blew Gabbard right back to Pawtucket. Felt really bad for him. After walking in his second run in the first inning, he looked like my 3 year old after I caught him biting his brother, all puppy dog eyes, ready to weep.

Don't know about you guys, but I will be thrilled when the Sox's plane touches down in Boston for this weekend.


So as of right now, Manny is 4th in the All-Star voting for AL outfielders. Honestly, that doesn't bother me at all; I don't really understand why people are freaking out so much about it. He didn't even GO to the All-Star game last year, even though he was 1st in the voting. Something about a "sore knee". Sure, he had a sore knee. All that did what tick off the general voting public. They took the time to vote you as the best, and you show your appreciation by going home to the Dominican Republic. That's Manny bein' Manny alright. The thing is, if you asked him how he felt about it, I am sure he really wouldn't care on way or the other.

Manny is doing OK this year, but he is not having a smashing season so far. He gets votes because people remember his homers. They just forget that most of those homers they remember aren't from this year. He's having a good year, but so far he isn't having an outstanding year. Let's be honest. He really doesn't deserve a #1 ranking.

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