Saturday, June 9, 2007

Our slumpers can come back, too...

Hey, those Yankees out in the Bronx aren't the only ones whose Slumping players are starting to show some life...
Hats off to J.D. Drew, who hit two 3-run homers last night, along with an RBI double. 7 RBIs in total. Also in the mix, Julio Lugo, who hit a homer as the first batter of the night, as the Red Sox beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 10-3.
Lugo also did one of those, "hidden ball" tricks in the third, to get baserunner Callaspo out. Callapso had gone to second base when Snyder hit a ball to right field. Lugo held onto the ball and stepped behind Callaspo. Callaspo got up from second base without asking for timeout, and when he did, he took his hand off the bag. Lugo slapped him out. Pretty head's up stuff. I don't know if one of our scouts noticed Callaspo had a habit of coming off the base, and tipped off Lugo, or what, but the play worked.
Drew has had decent success at Chase Park in the past. Add to mix that his younger brother plays shortstop for Arizona, maybe that extra comfort thrown into the mix, was just enough to get Drew's flame re-ignited.
Beckett had a good night, as well. Three runs on five hits in eight innings, striking out eight batters and walking zero. That brings him to 9-0. Fabulous.
Tonite Tavarez takes the mound, let's keep the momentum going!
I have just one little gripe about my Sox today. I read that Timlin is getting reactivated, and JC Romero has been designated for assignment. Rumor has it that there is some kind of trade in the works.
Not that I think Romero is the next American Idol or anything, (believe me), but anyone who has watched Timlin in the last year, has seen he just doesn't seem to have his stuff any longer. He's been on the DL and, quite frankly, his absence hasn't hurt us one bit. I don't know about the rest of you, but when they call Timlin in, there had better be a least a 3 run lead, because we aren't going to get 1-2-3s with him. Maybe I am wrong, but I just don't see why the Sox management loves him so much. This isnt '04, this is '07.

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