Sunday, June 3, 2007

Mike, Mientkiewicz, and the Missing Pitcher

What a crazy day of baseball Saturday turned out to be...

You would never know that the Red Sox and Yankees are two teams 12 - 1/2 games apart, with the heart and guts that was shown by these players on the field. One might have thought they were playing for the AL East Title.

Physically, this game was as tough as they come. Just ask Doug Mientkiewicz, if he can even remember being at the ballpark.

Both teams had and lost the lead a few times.

Lowell was King of the game on this day. 4 RBIs, including a home run. But it was his baserunning that stirred the most emotion. Trying to break up a double play in the fourth inning, he stopped short of Cano, then intentionally made contact with him, using his shoulder. Cano still made an incredible throw to first to get the double play, but Lowell's aggressive move left Cano in the dust, and feeling the play was "dirty". His skipper went on record to say Lowell's move was a clean hit, however. Much to the dismay of Yankee fans everywhere.

Then, in the 7th, Lowell hit a grounder to Jeter and, while hauling to first base, his left leg collided with Doug Mientkiewicz' head. Doug's head was in the baseline trying to save a bad throw made by Jeter. It was ugly. The whole park was quiet, as Doug laid there on the ground.

This game had every element you could get, even a small rain delay. That was quite a pain for us, lugging our 3 and 5 year olds for cover, and trying to amuse them while we waiting to get back to our seats. Thank god for balloons and beer. (Balloons for the kids, and the beer was for me and my husband, of course!)

Neither Schilling nor Mussina rebounded well from the rain delay. Fortunately, we were the team able to capitalize. Torre's decision to bring in Proctor backfired, as 6 of the next 7 Sox got on base. Add to this another Jeter fielding error, and the Sox win the game, 11-6. The last 2 minutes of the game were filled with Sox fans, chanting "WHERE-IS-ROGER", WHERE-IS ROGER"?

Another blown opportunity by the Yankees, and another example of our Dirt Dogs digging in, and never giving up. This is the recurring theme for our 2007 Red Sox.

So, the Yankees this week have lost 2 first basemen (Giambi- foot, Doug M- broken wrist), found out their future ace Hughes will be away for much much longer than anticipated (bad ankle sprain) and the Savior Clemens has just admitted he has a fatigued groin, and will miss that much anticipated start on Monday. Just what the heck is a fatigued groin, anyway? I googled it today, in the hopes of getting some fancy medical explanation, and I just didn't find one. Lucky for the Yankees that Rocket doesn't get paid until his name is on the Major League roster. This injury is saving the Yankees well over $100,000.00 a day in payroll.

I have quite a few decent pictures from our Saturday's visit to Fenway Park. I will post them to the blog, either later tonite, or sometime tomorrow. I Got to meet Alisa Milano, who was showcasing her fashion line at the store across the street from the park. Man, she is wicked skinny. Almost unhealthy, in my opinion. My 5 year old batted his eyelashes at her, and got himself an autograph. Whoopie.

Tonite's matchup should ROCK. Pettite against our CY Young candidate, Josh Beckett. You know Cano will finally show up at the park with a bone to pick, after getting thrown under the bus by Torre. There always seems to be some kind of controversy and drama when these two teams come together. This will be a rubber match to see.

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