Monday, June 18, 2007

Make Room for the Broom

Let's recap this weekend's visit from Barry Bonds and the San Francisco Giants, shall we?

Friday, Sox win 10-2

We manage to get 10 runs, despite the fact that Big Papi got ejected in the first inning. He had gotten called out on a third strike call, that Ortiz just didn't agree with. After arguing with the ump, he slammed his bat and helmet to the ground. Toss your equipment, and chances are you will get tossed too. This would have been made into a much bigger deal, had the Sox lost the game. But we won 10-2, so this practically got "swept" under the rug.

Tavarez once again pitched a solid game; makes me feel bad that I was so hard on him in April and May. He still is, however, quite an odd ball, to say the least... did you see him roll the ball to first again? Youkilis must freak out every time a ball is hit to him, because you can't tell what the heck the guy's gonna do.

Saturday, Sox win 1-0

Dice-K pitched what many think is his best game yet, 3 hits and 8 Ks over 7 innings. Bonds wasnt all that impressed, however. Bonds went 0-2 with an intentional walk, and felt that Dice-K "didn't challenge" him. Uh... Dice-K threw 2 fast balls to you, Barry. One went into the homerun level stands, just barely foul. The second one was caught in the warning track. Our rookie pitcher isn't stupid, Barry. Just because he doesn't speak English, doesn't mean he's an idiot.

Only other news today was we learned Donnelly was put on the 15 day DL with a right forearm muscle strain. Uh, oh, we go out and hire that Yankee conditioning coach, did we?

Sunday, Sox win 9-5, and its a SWEEP

It certainly wasn't Wake's best performance - 5 runs given up. Good news is that our bats were great - 8 runs, 9 hits off of Matt Morris in 4 innings, plus Manny hitting bomb #10.

Awesome to see Manny poppin' those bombs to the Monster again. My husband kept telling me to be patient with our Manny over the last few weeks, that he just likes the warm weather. Makes him feel at home. Well, good, let's get some tropical heatwaves coming, the sooner the better, and keep it here. Global warming is a serious issue, but here in the Nation, what's good for Manny... aw, forget it.

Still 8 1/2 games up...

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