Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It's Official... they call it a Slump

Oh, the horror! The Red Sox have lost 3 in a row!

The media is officially calling it a slump; 3 "L"s in a row, and 5 of our last 6.

C'mon guys, lets not jump off the Prudential Building just yet... we're still 9 over Toronto.
I fully expected to lose our first outing against Oakland on Monday. After travelling on a plane all night, I figured with all the substitutes in (Mirabelli, Hinske, Pena, alon with no use of Okijima or Papelbon) there would be a blowout. To my surprise, we actually stayed in the game. We lost, but we stayed in it, like the dirt dogs we know and love.
Last night's loss against Lenny DiNardo of all pitchers, is the loss that, to me, was painful.
Lenny DiNardo? Do you guys even remember DiNardo getting playing time as a Red Sox? He was here for 3 years, and never really made an impact. Now here's the same guy, getting our Red Sox to ground out 15 times. 4 double plays. While also giving up 6 walks. When Wake gave up 6 walks, we got beaten. This guy gets a win.
Just goes to show you the unpredictability of baseball.
Dice-K pitched well. 8Ks, only 2 runs over 7 full innings. But it's hard when the bats are stone cold.
It's time to look at the offensive cracks, for just a moment. And hey, I'm not throwing these guys to the bus today, I am just making a few observations that we have been ignoring, as we have enjoyed this beautiful run in the AL East:
1. JD Drew is slumping, and badly. .159 in his last 33 games, only four extra-base hits in May. Only 2 HRs this year, the last one on April 22. He has driven in only 17 runs. That's left him ranked 184th in the majors. I hear he will be out of the lineup tonight, as we face another left handed pitcher. JD doesn't do well with lefties. We are paying him $70 million over five years, guys. He says his low numbers aren't because of an injury, it's more of a mental thing. C'mon JD... show us why you're worth all that cash! Tito is considering putting you further down in the lineup, once you return. You're supposed to be the threat behind Manny. Fans are wondering whether Willie Mo is a better idea out in left than you are. YIKES! That's discouraging! Prove us all wrong, that you are much, much more capable than this.
2. Coco Crisp, while showing some signs of life, continues to disappoint. Current batting average is a robust .233, his OBP is only .295. It's great that he's got some wheels when you need it on base, but buddy, its only a good thing if you can manage a way to get on base first.
3. Mirabelli is batting .180. He's like the pitcher on the National League team. He's become the easy out. Look, I think it's great that he can catch a knuckleball, but is he the ONLY catcher out there who can? We definitely sacrifice offense, by using him every 5th day. Is this sacrifice worth it? Aren't there ANY catching prospects out there, that can be groomed? It's painful to watch sometimes.
4. Reality check: Manny is NOT being Manny. The difference we are seeing with Manny, is that he is striking out by looking at the 3rd strike WAY TOO MUCH in '07. He did it 22 times in '06. He's got about 20 or 21 already THIS YEAR. It isn't like him to do this. We've all said from the start, that Manny always starts out slow. Now we are 1/3 into the season. Turn that lightswitch on, there Manny-boy! Turn off the IPOD that you have been wearing during the games and turn on your bat, please.
Tonite is game 3 of the Oakland series. Wakefield takes the mound tonite. He, too, has had his share of struggles, as of late. Wakefield's ERA has gone from 1.79 to 4.24 in his last four starts. Here's hoping he can chew up 7 solid innings, with a little bit of electricity from our bats.
Let's Go Red Sox! We are here in the Nation, rooting for you more now than ever! We aren't giving up on you, so don't go give up yourselves!!!

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