Thursday, June 28, 2007

Could Manny Have made that catch?

I guess it doesn't really matter, if Manny could have caught that ball hit in the bottom of the 11th inning in Seattle, which resulted in our loss.

Our beloved Sox certainly didn't play like winners.

Lugo continued his slump, going 0-2. His slide is now at 0 for 31.

Manny was 0-5.

Papi was 0-5

Youk was ineffective.

Dice-K pitched well, but without run support, its tough to get the "W".

The standings in the AL East after this most recent series hasn't changed much; we here in the Nation feel fortunate and thankful. Thankful to those Orioles who somehow find it in themselves to keep the Yankees at bay.

Losing a series like we've done out there in Seattle forces us all to take a serious look at our team, and really dissect our weaknesses. Yep, we're in first, we've been in first for most of the season so far. But as the trading deadline quickly approaches, are we really solidly set up to march into the postseason? Should we acquire another bat? Is it worth the extra cash? Have we spent enough? Which prospects are expendable? Remember those guys like Shoppach, Cla Meredith, Hanley Ramirez, do we miss them?

I am sure Theo and the boys are "kicking the tires" of alot of possible transactions these days, much more than we even know about. Let's hope that the money is spent wisely, if at all.

The good news is that, the Sox are sitting in a good position right now. Our prospects are deep and the scouting reports are that we have a few great future players. That gives us great advantage going into negotiations.

Enjoy the rest of the Red Sox's day off. Texas is coming to town, the weather report is that the weekend should be pretty decent. Me and 3 of my girlfriends will be making our second attempt at a Girl's Day Out at Fenway on Sunday. Any of you who may follow this blog, will remember we tried this back in April, and the game got rained out just as we crossed into Massachusetts.

Doesn't sound like rain in the forecast, but I am packing that Red Sox rain poncho Kim and I each bought in Providence that day, just in case!

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kim said...

I'm glad you mentioned the rain poncho. It's going to be a great day. Fenway won't be the same after we leave.