Thursday, June 28, 2007

Could Manny Have made that catch?

I guess it doesn't really matter, if Manny could have caught that ball hit in the bottom of the 11th inning in Seattle, which resulted in our loss.

Our beloved Sox certainly didn't play like winners.

Lugo continued his slump, going 0-2. His slide is now at 0 for 31.

Manny was 0-5.

Papi was 0-5

Youk was ineffective.

Dice-K pitched well, but without run support, its tough to get the "W".

The standings in the AL East after this most recent series hasn't changed much; we here in the Nation feel fortunate and thankful. Thankful to those Orioles who somehow find it in themselves to keep the Yankees at bay.

Losing a series like we've done out there in Seattle forces us all to take a serious look at our team, and really dissect our weaknesses. Yep, we're in first, we've been in first for most of the season so far. But as the trading deadline quickly approaches, are we really solidly set up to march into the postseason? Should we acquire another bat? Is it worth the extra cash? Have we spent enough? Which prospects are expendable? Remember those guys like Shoppach, Cla Meredith, Hanley Ramirez, do we miss them?

I am sure Theo and the boys are "kicking the tires" of alot of possible transactions these days, much more than we even know about. Let's hope that the money is spent wisely, if at all.

The good news is that, the Sox are sitting in a good position right now. Our prospects are deep and the scouting reports are that we have a few great future players. That gives us great advantage going into negotiations.

Enjoy the rest of the Red Sox's day off. Texas is coming to town, the weather report is that the weekend should be pretty decent. Me and 3 of my girlfriends will be making our second attempt at a Girl's Day Out at Fenway on Sunday. Any of you who may follow this blog, will remember we tried this back in April, and the game got rained out just as we crossed into Massachusetts.

Doesn't sound like rain in the forecast, but I am packing that Red Sox rain poncho Kim and I each bought in Providence that day, just in case!

Dice-K good, but Mariners better

This series finale was certainly a heartbreaker. Tough to lose in extra innings, pitching on both sides was outstanding. My 5 year old is hitting better than Lugo. I know we've been able to maintain our lead in the AL East without his bat, but my gosh, something has to give. Even Bellhorn at his worst wasn't this bad.

Seattle has swept us.... it's time to pack it up and just go home.

Toronto won, so they are now 9 games back, while the Yankees did not gain any ground due to their 0-4 loss against the Orioles. Clemens fell apart in the 6th, and gave up 4 runs in that inning. An ugly sight.

So today's posting of Rosie bein' Al Quaida is brought to you by Roger... thanks, man.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Se-Attle, Se-Attle, Not My Kinda Town....

bet 'cha bottom dollar....

I don't get why we have such a tough time out in Seattle. The Mariners seem to have our number out in Safeco field.

Monday, they made Tavarez look weak, and Timlin look foolish.

Tuesday, they blew Gabbard right back to Pawtucket. Felt really bad for him. After walking in his second run in the first inning, he looked like my 3 year old after I caught him biting his brother, all puppy dog eyes, ready to weep.

Don't know about you guys, but I will be thrilled when the Sox's plane touches down in Boston for this weekend.


So as of right now, Manny is 4th in the All-Star voting for AL outfielders. Honestly, that doesn't bother me at all; I don't really understand why people are freaking out so much about it. He didn't even GO to the All-Star game last year, even though he was 1st in the voting. Something about a "sore knee". Sure, he had a sore knee. All that did what tick off the general voting public. They took the time to vote you as the best, and you show your appreciation by going home to the Dominican Republic. That's Manny bein' Manny alright. The thing is, if you asked him how he felt about it, I am sure he really wouldn't care on way or the other.

Manny is doing OK this year, but he is not having a smashing season so far. He gets votes because people remember his homers. They just forget that most of those homers they remember aren't from this year. He's having a good year, but so far he isn't having an outstanding year. Let's be honest. He really doesn't deserve a #1 ranking.

Monday, June 25, 2007

West Coast Stuff

Are you guys getting a bit tired of being out on the West Coast?

These 10:00 games are tough... we all really want to stay up, but then you certainly pay for it the next day, when you've got to get up with the kids and go to work.

I should quit complaining... we're 11 games up in the AL East, for crying out loud! 11 1/2 up currently on the Yankees.

Tonite begins the first in a series in Seattle, against the Mariners. I'd like to think this will be a cakewalk tonite against Jeff Weaver. If you guys remember, he got absolutely crushed by the Sox at Fenway in April. He only lasted 2 innings. But, since that time, he's been on the DL, and has steadily improved. The Sox can't take for granted that this will be easy. If they do that, they will lose.

Seattle has just seen its old hometown hero, Ken Griffey, Jr. light it up in Safeco Park yesterday. Lots of hype and distraction over the weeked, so tonite will definitely have a better feel, for them. More normal. I guess if you call a stadium full of Red Sox hats and jerseys normal.

It's just great to see the Interleague play finally come to a close. Its fun to watch the true rivals battle one another: Yanks/Mets, Cubs/White Sox, Angels/Dodgers, Orioles/Nationals. But being a New England girl, I am an American League follower through and through. I hate that there's no DH in a national league park. I hate seeing Papi at first base. I hate that if Papi's at first, then either Lowell or Youk will sit the game out. I hate seeing pitchers hit; its an almost guaranteed 3rd out. Its fun for 4 or 5 games, then I have seen enough.

Good luck tonite, Tavarez. Tomorrow Gabbard makes his major league return, to fill in for Schill while he rests that shoulder of his. Gabbard did pretty well last time he pitched. We'll see how he fares against Ichiro.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Frankie Galasso cartoon for today

Not sure how much truth there is to the rumor that the Sox are frontrunners in a potential trade involving Mark Buehrle, the Chicago White Sox pitcher. Remember him? He's the guy that threw a no-hitter this past April.

They say pitching is what makes a team great, and adding a guy like this to our list of pitchers can only help. He may be the last piece of the puzzle, that we need. Its intriguing, considering who we currently have, and who's down in the minors, etc. Would this mean Wakefield shifts to middle relief? Does Tavarez to back to the pen? Do Lester or Buckholtz and Gabbard stay put in Pawtucket? Who of our prospects would they sacrifice? Maybe Schilling will take more time to rest up than just 15 days?

Just knowing we have all of these options to play with is awesome. Last year it seemed we were ready to take a few high school pitchers, we were so desperate. What a difference a year makes. You would never have seen a cartoon like this one, this time last year.

Stayed tuned for more details. In the meantime, get ready 4PM today for a pitcher's showdown, as Jay Peevy and Josh Beckett battle it out. Could this be a preview of the 2007 Game One World Series matchup???

Friday, June 22, 2007

Mr. Lester, are you ready to play?

  1. With Schill on the DL, Tito has a decision to make... who gets brought up to take his place?

    All signs point that whoever it is, will come up for Tuesday's game against the Mariners. Should we all assume it will be Lester?

    Lester was raised in the Seattle area. Having him come back for his cinderella story, his first outing back in the majors after beating cancer, if he's chosen he gets to pitch in his hometown ballpark of all places. Chances are, everyone who ever knew him "back in the day" will be coming out to support him. Family, friends, acquaintences, probably even people who played little league with him, would be there.

    One of two things would happen...

    1. The hometown atmosphere would be great for his confidence, and he would do well.

    2. It would be too much pressure on him, he'd cave to it and get blasted.

    Those of you who already know me, know that I always err on the side of caution. Having said that, I would rather have Tito bring someone else up, whether it be Gabbard or Breslow or Pauley or even give Hansack a try. All four of these guys are doing pretty well in Pawtucket.

    Isn't it a great problem to have, having to choose between solid young minor leaguers, rather than having no options?

    I really think Lester is the real deal, and he deserves to get another shot this season. But I think it would be in his best interest to make his start back in Boston. There's enough pressure on a player in a market like Boston, without adding hometown press and personalities into the mix.

    Besides, I have a couple of games on my calendar that I will be going to in the first week of July; call me selfish, but I would LOVE to be there in person when he makes his debut.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

We're Better Lookin' on this Road trip... so Far...

Ok, I know this picture has nothing to do with the Red Sox, but I found it very amusing, and it sorta goes with the title, if you stretch it a bit. I've decided that every time Roger Clemens loses, I will include this photo on my next blog posting. Clemens got taken out after 4 1/3 innings, and took the loss, so here's the Rosie as an Al Quaida operative photo, viewing number one...
Thanks to Leah at work, for sending me this photo from our friends on the world wide web...
What a difference one road trip makes, eh?
We sure did get a warm welcome to HOTLANTA, home of the Braves. Games 2 and 3 certainly have turned this trip around, as we took the series. Stellar pitching outings by both Josh Beckett and crazy Julian Tavarez. Last night's 5 homers certainly helped revive our offense, as Drew, Papi, Coco, Manny, and Hinski all played home run derby at the Braves' expense. Poor Lugo. He really, really tried to hit the ball. And the one time he actually hit a real, solid, bonifide hit to the gap in right/center... BAM!! A leaping catch by the center fielder, for an out.
Lugo can't catch a break, and his batting average is equivalent to a 5th grader's weight.
Nice day off today, as we head out to the West Coast now, to take on 3 against the Padres and 3 against the Mariners. Today's vacation day is a good opportunity for Lowell and Drew to have an extra day to heal themselves (Lowell - thumb, Drew, tight quads), and it allows Beckett opportunity to prepare for Sunday's game.

The Padres series will not be a cakewalk, by any means. Maddux and Peevy will prove to be tough, and the Padres bats, while streaky, can be hot. Sunday afternoon's matchup between Beckett and Peevy is being marketed out there as THE game of the month to watch. A pitcher's duel. No pressure, of course.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Take 2 pictures and call us in the morning...

So I am sure you have all heard the news by now... Curt is coming home early for an MRI, to see what the heck is wrong with him.

Last night's outing was horrendous... 4+ innings, allowing 6 runs, 10 hits, no strikeouts. Another loss. Velocity never reaching above 89 mph. Let's face it, other than the 1 hitter a few games ago, he hasn't been himself these days.

Is it age finally catching up with him?

I wonder if he's had a lingering injury for at least a few weeks now, but was afraid to say it out loud. You know, being a contract year for him and all, he certainly doesn't want ANY bad news to come out. Kinda hard to hide it, though.

Wasn't it just last week, that Curt revealed to the press that he is still willing to take that $13 million hometown discount for next year, if the Sox Management was interested? With all that Clemens got in his recent contract in the neighborhood of $18 million for 2/3 a season, I find it kind of odd that he would suddenly want to sign in midseason. He was pretty adamant in spring training that he wanted to sign during the spring, if not, he was shopping around.

Maybe Curt knows more that we do. Right now he's icing a shoulder all by himself in Boston, while the rest of the boys ramp it up in Atlanta.

Hey, I will always love Schill. Very few athletes would take risks like he did in '04 and experiment with the ankle, risking an early end to a great career. He will always get a pass from me for this.

But '07's Curt is different. Something's wrong. It's not about making adjustments anymore. He has done that this year already, with some decent success. Maybe they won't find anything serious with the MRI. Maybe a 15 day stint on the DL to get some rest and put it back together is all he needs. Red Sox Nation can only Hope.

We Sox fans have been pretty lucky so far. This could be the first major DL stint for a Sox pitcher this year. The good news, is that Lester is ready to advance up to Boston, and is chompin' at the bit, as it were. Lester's been pretty solid in Pawtucket this year. As of 6/11 he's had 5 starts since May 19, and has a 1.93 ERA. Not too shabby.

So, here in my Corner of the Nation, I will hope for the best, and plan accordingly if the best is not to be. It won't be the end of the world if he goes on the DL for awhile, guys. Look at his performances recently. He needs a break.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Make Room for the Broom

Let's recap this weekend's visit from Barry Bonds and the San Francisco Giants, shall we?

Friday, Sox win 10-2

We manage to get 10 runs, despite the fact that Big Papi got ejected in the first inning. He had gotten called out on a third strike call, that Ortiz just didn't agree with. After arguing with the ump, he slammed his bat and helmet to the ground. Toss your equipment, and chances are you will get tossed too. This would have been made into a much bigger deal, had the Sox lost the game. But we won 10-2, so this practically got "swept" under the rug.

Tavarez once again pitched a solid game; makes me feel bad that I was so hard on him in April and May. He still is, however, quite an odd ball, to say the least... did you see him roll the ball to first again? Youkilis must freak out every time a ball is hit to him, because you can't tell what the heck the guy's gonna do.

Saturday, Sox win 1-0

Dice-K pitched what many think is his best game yet, 3 hits and 8 Ks over 7 innings. Bonds wasnt all that impressed, however. Bonds went 0-2 with an intentional walk, and felt that Dice-K "didn't challenge" him. Uh... Dice-K threw 2 fast balls to you, Barry. One went into the homerun level stands, just barely foul. The second one was caught in the warning track. Our rookie pitcher isn't stupid, Barry. Just because he doesn't speak English, doesn't mean he's an idiot.

Only other news today was we learned Donnelly was put on the 15 day DL with a right forearm muscle strain. Uh, oh, we go out and hire that Yankee conditioning coach, did we?

Sunday, Sox win 9-5, and its a SWEEP

It certainly wasn't Wake's best performance - 5 runs given up. Good news is that our bats were great - 8 runs, 9 hits off of Matt Morris in 4 innings, plus Manny hitting bomb #10.

Awesome to see Manny poppin' those bombs to the Monster again. My husband kept telling me to be patient with our Manny over the last few weeks, that he just likes the warm weather. Makes him feel at home. Well, good, let's get some tropical heatwaves coming, the sooner the better, and keep it here. Global warming is a serious issue, but here in the Nation, what's good for Manny... aw, forget it.

Still 8 1/2 games up...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Little bit of Humor for Today

Found this in NY Daily News archives, thought it was pretty funny....
Hey, whether you love Bonds or hate him, want him to break Aaron's record, and want his name with an asterisk next to it, the fact that his presence is bringing the steroid discussion to the table can only help MLB. A clean game should be the only game our kids watch.
Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Take a chill, Schill...

When we were up 14 games upon the Yankees, I suspect the Red Sox locker room was so very full of life...

You know, maybe Lugo and Coco are singin' a tune, and Papi is sitting next to them, laughing. Tavarez is standing there, in his Big Papi slippers and his "Manny bein' Manny" t-shirt, dancing with absolutely no rhythem. Lowell is nearby, quietly smiling, and taking it all in.

While all of this is going on, on the other side of the world, the Yankees locker room at the same time was like this: quiet, drab, no music, no laughter. Johnny Damon comes in with a jock on his head, trying to get the other guys to laugh, and being told by A-Rod to shut up.

The way things are going these days, when I think of the Yankees locker room, today it is probably more like this: A-Rod is slapping his buddies with a towel, with those god-awful white gloves on, and high five-ing everyone.... AAAARRRRGGGHH! it sounds more like a nightmare, doesn't it?


When will everyone realize that no team plays perfect baseball all year long? There will always be cold patches along the way. Yes, indeed, we are seeing one of these funks right now. And it is ugly, no doubt. None of us want it to happen, but you cannot expect the Sox to win night, after night, after night. There will inevitably be days, sometimes even several days in a row, where our Mighty Red Sox just can't get it going.

On my lunch break today, I turned on some sports radio, knowing full well there were going to be a bunch of panic stricken Sox fans calling up, and freaking out. I was right. Some fans are ready to put Schilling on a stake and burn him to death. Tito stinks, JD stinks, Schilling stinks, Lugo stinks, EVERYBODY stinks. Everybody except those darn guys in pinstripes.

I think because the Yankees are on fire right now, it just isn't making this most recent slump any easier to take.

Hey, let's all agree that last night's loss again the Rockies was terrible. Losing by so much against the Colorado Rockies. Schilling went from a one hitter, to a 9 hitter. Add to that a couple ugly errors in the infield, and this game was OVER.

Hey, that is why this game is so awesome, and why I love it so much. Just when you think you know everything, you realize you know nothing. 2 weeks ago, the Yankees were dead, and the Mets were the hottest team around. Now the Yanks are tapping on the Wild Card door, and the Mets have forgotten how to win a ball game. It's a season full of streaks -- hot, cold, up, down, hurt, healthy, out, safe, win, lose.

This week is just our turn to lose. As quick as it comes, it goes. And this, too, will go.

Take a deep breath, guys. Don't worry so much about the standings. We still have about 100 more games to play, and SO MUCH is going to still happen between now and the end of September.

Hey, Barry Bonds is coming to town this weekend! This means we get to drudge up our opinions on steroids all over again. Should we turn our backs to him when he is at the plate, in protest? Or do you think he is a fabulous player who is being unfairly judged? I'll save my thoughts on this topic for an upcoming posting over the next couple of days. And hopefully we will be talking also about the next best Red Sox streak by then as well.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Try with a Little Help from your Friends

I heard on WEEI today, that Tim Wakefield was pretty busy in Arizona, even though we didn't see him throw a single pitch.

The current TV-Radio analyst for the Arizona Diamondbacks is Tom Candiotti. He is a former righty who was well known for his knuckleball. He spent a good amount of time in the '80s, pitching for the very forgettable Indians, in addition to playing for LA in the 90's. He was actually a pretty good pitcher, who just happened to play for some really bad teams.

Even though we've got one heck of a pitching coach in John Farrell, just what does John know about a knuckleball? Not very much. But Tom Candiotti certainly does.

We all know that Tim Wakefield has been having some pretty tough times on the mound over the last 6 weeks. So Tim spent a bit of time with Candiotti, to talk about his stuff.

Tom watched him pitch and noticed something wrong. Something was different about his delivery and it was affecting his control. The two men talked about it, Tim made some adjustments, and they both saw improvements to his pitching immediately.

HMMMMMM... I wonder if we will witness an improved start tonite after all of this homework, as Wake takes the mound at home against the Colorado Rockies. C'mon Tim, we are Rooting for You!!!
As an aside, here's a quote from Bob Uecker, on the best way to catch a knuckleball:"Wait'll it stops rolling, then go pick it up."

Sunday, June 10, 2007

They have Rocket, we have Firecracker

Today's tip of the hat goes to Captain Jason Varitek, for his 2 run homer in the sixth, that brought us back into the game last night, as we went on to beat the Arizona Diamondbacks, 4-3 in 10 innings.


I would be remiss if I didn't have SOMETHING to say about Roger Clemen's return to the big leagues yesterday.

He didn't get shelled, like many non Yankee fans out there had hoped. He even got the win, against the lowly Pirates. But to say Rocket was outstanding, would be very very wrong.

I still do not think he is a solution to Yankee problems. They need solid starts going into the 7th and 8th inning, not into the 5th and 6th, which is what they will continue to get with Clemens. With Roger, they will still need to rely on their setup guys in the bullpen, which is by far, the weakest part of their team. The Yanks had better hope their bats are always alive on the days he pitches, because he isn't expected to take them deep. All for a pretty expensive salary at that.

I looked at the boxscores yesterday, and found something pretty humorous. Look at the similarities between our two pitchers from yesterday, Tavarez and Clemens:

Clemens: 6 inns, 5 hits, 3 runs, 7 Ks, 2 BBs
Tavarez: 6 inns, 6 hits, 3 runs, 5 Ks, 1 BB

Clemens makes $18 million, Tavarez makes $3.3 million.

For what it's worth, I'll keep the extra $14.7 million, thanks.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Our slumpers can come back, too...

Hey, those Yankees out in the Bronx aren't the only ones whose Slumping players are starting to show some life...
Hats off to J.D. Drew, who hit two 3-run homers last night, along with an RBI double. 7 RBIs in total. Also in the mix, Julio Lugo, who hit a homer as the first batter of the night, as the Red Sox beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 10-3.
Lugo also did one of those, "hidden ball" tricks in the third, to get baserunner Callaspo out. Callapso had gone to second base when Snyder hit a ball to right field. Lugo held onto the ball and stepped behind Callaspo. Callaspo got up from second base without asking for timeout, and when he did, he took his hand off the bag. Lugo slapped him out. Pretty head's up stuff. I don't know if one of our scouts noticed Callaspo had a habit of coming off the base, and tipped off Lugo, or what, but the play worked.
Drew has had decent success at Chase Park in the past. Add to mix that his younger brother plays shortstop for Arizona, maybe that extra comfort thrown into the mix, was just enough to get Drew's flame re-ignited.
Beckett had a good night, as well. Three runs on five hits in eight innings, striking out eight batters and walking zero. That brings him to 9-0. Fabulous.
Tonite Tavarez takes the mound, let's keep the momentum going!
I have just one little gripe about my Sox today. I read that Timlin is getting reactivated, and JC Romero has been designated for assignment. Rumor has it that there is some kind of trade in the works.
Not that I think Romero is the next American Idol or anything, (believe me), but anyone who has watched Timlin in the last year, has seen he just doesn't seem to have his stuff any longer. He's been on the DL and, quite frankly, his absence hasn't hurt us one bit. I don't know about the rest of you, but when they call Timlin in, there had better be a least a 3 run lead, because we aren't going to get 1-2-3s with him. Maybe I am wrong, but I just don't see why the Sox management loves him so much. This isnt '04, this is '07.

Friday, June 8, 2007

One Out,,, Two Outs... and its a One Hitter

Its always so easy to play Monday morning Quarterback...

In the ninth, with two outs, and 1 out away from a no hitter,

Schilling shook off Varitek's call for a slider,
Threw a mean 95 MPH fastball,
And Shannon Stewart smacked it past Alex Cora for a basehit.

So much for the no hitter. In the end, the Red Sox win, 1-0, avoiding a sweep by the Oakland A's.

There's lots of speculation today, that if Schill had thrown the slider, maybe, just maybe he would have gotten his first no hitter in his career. Instead, he settles for his 3rd one hitter.

What a great outing by Curt and the boys, who manage to stop the bleeding once again.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It's Official... they call it a Slump

Oh, the horror! The Red Sox have lost 3 in a row!

The media is officially calling it a slump; 3 "L"s in a row, and 5 of our last 6.

C'mon guys, lets not jump off the Prudential Building just yet... we're still 9 over Toronto.
I fully expected to lose our first outing against Oakland on Monday. After travelling on a plane all night, I figured with all the substitutes in (Mirabelli, Hinske, Pena, alon with no use of Okijima or Papelbon) there would be a blowout. To my surprise, we actually stayed in the game. We lost, but we stayed in it, like the dirt dogs we know and love.
Last night's loss against Lenny DiNardo of all pitchers, is the loss that, to me, was painful.
Lenny DiNardo? Do you guys even remember DiNardo getting playing time as a Red Sox? He was here for 3 years, and never really made an impact. Now here's the same guy, getting our Red Sox to ground out 15 times. 4 double plays. While also giving up 6 walks. When Wake gave up 6 walks, we got beaten. This guy gets a win.
Just goes to show you the unpredictability of baseball.
Dice-K pitched well. 8Ks, only 2 runs over 7 full innings. But it's hard when the bats are stone cold.
It's time to look at the offensive cracks, for just a moment. And hey, I'm not throwing these guys to the bus today, I am just making a few observations that we have been ignoring, as we have enjoyed this beautiful run in the AL East:
1. JD Drew is slumping, and badly. .159 in his last 33 games, only four extra-base hits in May. Only 2 HRs this year, the last one on April 22. He has driven in only 17 runs. That's left him ranked 184th in the majors. I hear he will be out of the lineup tonight, as we face another left handed pitcher. JD doesn't do well with lefties. We are paying him $70 million over five years, guys. He says his low numbers aren't because of an injury, it's more of a mental thing. C'mon JD... show us why you're worth all that cash! Tito is considering putting you further down in the lineup, once you return. You're supposed to be the threat behind Manny. Fans are wondering whether Willie Mo is a better idea out in left than you are. YIKES! That's discouraging! Prove us all wrong, that you are much, much more capable than this.
2. Coco Crisp, while showing some signs of life, continues to disappoint. Current batting average is a robust .233, his OBP is only .295. It's great that he's got some wheels when you need it on base, but buddy, its only a good thing if you can manage a way to get on base first.
3. Mirabelli is batting .180. He's like the pitcher on the National League team. He's become the easy out. Look, I think it's great that he can catch a knuckleball, but is he the ONLY catcher out there who can? We definitely sacrifice offense, by using him every 5th day. Is this sacrifice worth it? Aren't there ANY catching prospects out there, that can be groomed? It's painful to watch sometimes.
4. Reality check: Manny is NOT being Manny. The difference we are seeing with Manny, is that he is striking out by looking at the 3rd strike WAY TOO MUCH in '07. He did it 22 times in '06. He's got about 20 or 21 already THIS YEAR. It isn't like him to do this. We've all said from the start, that Manny always starts out slow. Now we are 1/3 into the season. Turn that lightswitch on, there Manny-boy! Turn off the IPOD that you have been wearing during the games and turn on your bat, please.
Tonite is game 3 of the Oakland series. Wakefield takes the mound tonite. He, too, has had his share of struggles, as of late. Wakefield's ERA has gone from 1.79 to 4.24 in his last four starts. Here's hoping he can chew up 7 solid innings, with a little bit of electricity from our bats.
Let's Go Red Sox! We are here in the Nation, rooting for you more now than ever! We aren't giving up on you, so don't go give up yourselves!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

A-Bomb from A-Rod, and the number stays at 8

This was not the night for our bullpen to shine.
The Pen didn't just blow it once, but twice. Okijima gave up a run in the 8th to tie, when Cano hit a triple. Oh yeah, and, in case you didnt hear, Papelbon gave up a shot to A-Rod on an 0-2 count, giving the Yankees the lead in the top of the 9th.
Beckett gets a no decision this time. Still undefeated, but without a win last night.
How ironic that A-Rod's homer landed right into our bullpen. An exclamation point from a guy who had one heck of a tumultuous week.
Well, here in the Nation, we get somewhere in the neighborhood of 85 days to think about it. That's because the next time we face those guys, it will be the end of August. A lot can happen between now and then.
For now, it's a long haul to the West Coast, for a series with Oakland, and then Interleague play against Arizona. Our boys will likely be pretty tired. Lets hope they muster enough together, to offer Tavarez some run support.
Talk to you all tomorrow; Look below for some pictures from Saturday's game...

Saturday Pix for Your Viewing Pleasure

Doug M. getting carted
away after colliding with Lowell's leg.

The view of Pesky Pole
from our seats. It's full of graffitti. Yukk.

This was the basic sentiment
of the day... did you see our sign???

Andy Pettitte pointing
to my son, Jonathan, while fielding fly balls.

My boy getting a foul
ball from Matsui during batting practice.

Nice close up of Capt.
Varitek going to the pen to meet Schill.

Definitely we knew
Papi's hammies were bothering him... this guy
worked on him for like 12 minutes
(not that I was counting).

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Mike, Mientkiewicz, and the Missing Pitcher

What a crazy day of baseball Saturday turned out to be...

You would never know that the Red Sox and Yankees are two teams 12 - 1/2 games apart, with the heart and guts that was shown by these players on the field. One might have thought they were playing for the AL East Title.

Physically, this game was as tough as they come. Just ask Doug Mientkiewicz, if he can even remember being at the ballpark.

Both teams had and lost the lead a few times.

Lowell was King of the game on this day. 4 RBIs, including a home run. But it was his baserunning that stirred the most emotion. Trying to break up a double play in the fourth inning, he stopped short of Cano, then intentionally made contact with him, using his shoulder. Cano still made an incredible throw to first to get the double play, but Lowell's aggressive move left Cano in the dust, and feeling the play was "dirty". His skipper went on record to say Lowell's move was a clean hit, however. Much to the dismay of Yankee fans everywhere.

Then, in the 7th, Lowell hit a grounder to Jeter and, while hauling to first base, his left leg collided with Doug Mientkiewicz' head. Doug's head was in the baseline trying to save a bad throw made by Jeter. It was ugly. The whole park was quiet, as Doug laid there on the ground.

This game had every element you could get, even a small rain delay. That was quite a pain for us, lugging our 3 and 5 year olds for cover, and trying to amuse them while we waiting to get back to our seats. Thank god for balloons and beer. (Balloons for the kids, and the beer was for me and my husband, of course!)

Neither Schilling nor Mussina rebounded well from the rain delay. Fortunately, we were the team able to capitalize. Torre's decision to bring in Proctor backfired, as 6 of the next 7 Sox got on base. Add to this another Jeter fielding error, and the Sox win the game, 11-6. The last 2 minutes of the game were filled with Sox fans, chanting "WHERE-IS-ROGER", WHERE-IS ROGER"?

Another blown opportunity by the Yankees, and another example of our Dirt Dogs digging in, and never giving up. This is the recurring theme for our 2007 Red Sox.

So, the Yankees this week have lost 2 first basemen (Giambi- foot, Doug M- broken wrist), found out their future ace Hughes will be away for much much longer than anticipated (bad ankle sprain) and the Savior Clemens has just admitted he has a fatigued groin, and will miss that much anticipated start on Monday. Just what the heck is a fatigued groin, anyway? I googled it today, in the hopes of getting some fancy medical explanation, and I just didn't find one. Lucky for the Yankees that Rocket doesn't get paid until his name is on the Major League roster. This injury is saving the Yankees well over $100,000.00 a day in payroll.

I have quite a few decent pictures from our Saturday's visit to Fenway Park. I will post them to the blog, either later tonite, or sometime tomorrow. I Got to meet Alisa Milano, who was showcasing her fashion line at the store across the street from the park. Man, she is wicked skinny. Almost unhealthy, in my opinion. My 5 year old batted his eyelashes at her, and got himself an autograph. Whoopie.

Tonite's matchup should ROCK. Pettite against our CY Young candidate, Josh Beckett. You know Cano will finally show up at the park with a bone to pick, after getting thrown under the bus by Torre. There always seems to be some kind of controversy and drama when these two teams come together. This will be a rubber match to see.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Wake UP, Nation!

Do you think A-Rod was as amused as I was with these masks?

Man, when we lose, boy do we lose!!

Certainly not a pretty game tonite, losing the first of the series to the Yankees, 9-5. Wakefield and Wang both pitched pretty badly.

The difference is that Wang didn't walk 6 batters, hit a guy, and throw a wild pitch. Wakefield sure did, Wakefield STUNK, and we lost.

You CAN'T walk that many guys, and expect you are going to win your game. Ugh.

Lots of drama ensued in the 9th. Lopez hit Cano, and the pitchers we warned. Then in the 2nd half, on an 0-2 count, Youkilis got hit by Scott Proctor. Youk felt since it was about 2 inches from his head, it was on purpose. Youk was actually the fifth hit batter of the game to get hit - and he started to the mound. The benches cleared, Proctor was ejected.

Nothing like a little visit to Fenway, to get everyone's emotions all revved up!

Here's to Saturday. Going to the game with all the boys, meeting friends there, rooting for Curt to bring us a win. Look for us on TV, we are right on the Pesky Pole, we will be the ones with the Roger Clemens signs (my husband did a great "Where's Waldo" poster, and put Roger's face over Waldo; it's GREAT), and my little one will be wearing his favorite cap, the Cat in the Hat one. Its a bit over the top, but this hat is a great way to spot my 3 year old in a crowd. He looks pretty cute in it, but its really for safety so I don't lose sight of him...

I'll write again on Sunday; hope to have lots of great things to say!!