Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ya Can't Win, If you Don't Get 'em to Score

This was a frustrating loss, 6-3, last night against Baltimore...

13 stranded baserunners

bases loaded two times. You can't win a game, if you can't figure out how to get those baserunners to score.

My pal Julian had an OK night, but was less than great, that is for sure. 5 runs, 10 hits, lasting only 5 innings. ERA has gone up now to 6.60. He's a lame duck, poor guy. He is aware that eventually Lester will be back, and he will be moved to the pen. For all the things I have said about this guy, and how I hold my breath whenever he is on the mound, I have to give it to him, that he has taken this role professionally. He realizes that he will be moving around, and his pitching status is never guaranteed. Yet he shows up ready to go, every day. Julian certainly didnt get much help from Willie Mo Pena.

When Jay Gibbons lined out to Pena, when the score was 2 - 2, Pena dropped the ball, resulting in the Orioles taking the lead by 5ths end at 5 -2. Good defensive outfielder, eh?

So, this morning we still hold a 6 game lead over Baltimore,, 6.5 over the Yanks. I will be honest, the lead is never enough for me. This 10 game home stretch is important. It should be an opportunity to pull away. We certainly have the talent. Rally caps on please!

Let's see what our $40 million outfield can do the rest of this weekend! Maybe Drew will start to climb out of his slump. Currently 9 for 57 in the last 15 games. Coco's average is only .236. Everyone keeps saying that Manny will come along. So far, he has climbed up to .252, maybe the warmer weather will finally make the difference in his swing, and we will see the .300 Manny we all know.

My mother's Day gift this year is a trip with the family to Fenway. Whooo-hoo! Doesn't look like rain this time! I am interested to see all the new changes to the park that I have read about. Maybe I will pick up one of those Dice-K headbands. Rem Dawg and Don were sporting them the other night. Should I get a black one or a white one? We'll see which one looks better with that Mother's Day corsage...

See you at the park tomorrrow!!!

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