Monday, May 14, 2007

Those Pink Bats weren't HOT pink...

Red Sox hitting certainly wasn't very hot, for innings 1-8.

My son's face in the crowd says it all. Here is the mood of the stadium through the first 8 innings:

Then inning 9:

Being in the stands for the ninth inning was electrifying. To be down -6 whole runs, bottom of the ninth, and to come back and WIN? When Coco hit the popup, and their catcher Hernandez dropped it, Fenway woke up. The Orioles manager should have never made a pitching change. Then comes a walk to Drew and Youk, and Tek's hits a beauty of a double. The momentum was there, and well, by the time Lugo came up to bat, you know what happens next: Lugo hits a grounder to Kevin Millar, who tosses to reliever Ray at first, Who DROPS THE BALL.
All hell broke loose on Yawkee Way. What a great Mother's Day. To see the look on my oldest son's face when he witnessed that comeback. The best Mother's Day gift for me was the jubilation on his face. Almost as priceless as the look of horror on my brother's face.
See, my brother is an avid Yankees fan, who joined us with the extra ticket that we had. I think overall, he had a great time with the family, until that ninth inning. As the entire stadium exploded, people jumping, screaming, hugging, everywhere....
My poor brother just stood there, staring at the field and shaking his head. There were no words. Such is the luck of the '07 Yankees.
I have a few more stories of our first visit to Fenway, which I will blog this week, including my tale of the $4 fenway frank, the running on the field that never happened, and the Angel in Section 26.
Talk to you again soon!


GreenMikester said...

this was an absolutley awesome win. It show the Sox have that killer instinct that a winning team needs. Tito just needs to keep pushing the right buttons and keep the ship moving straight. This could be another '04 !!!

soxnationgirl said...

I am one of those people that is always so afraid to say that kind of thing out loud... afterall, I do remember being one out away from winning the world series in 1986... but you are right... these guys are still dirt dogs that continue to dig and dig and dig, heart goes a long way. Keep up the health and this team is going FAR~

squezebox said...

The Triple B's

This past Christmas we Recieved tickets for a Mother's day Red Sox game from our son and Daughter inlaw Christine Synott. We all went this past Sunday (Mother's Day)

B #1 Bad

The game started out bad and proceeded to get worse as Baltimore scored 2 runs in the first inning.

B #2 Badder

4th. inning and they pulled out pitcher Josh Beckett because of a torn flap of skin on his finger. And the game of changing Red Sox pitchers every inning started.

B #3 The Baddest for Baltimore

The bottom of the 9th. inning with the score 5 to 0, 1 out and 2 strikes on the batter when Baltimore pulls pitcher Jeremy Guthrie and puts in quite a few new new pitchers. Bad news for the Orioles as the Red Sox finely get HOT...
The crowd got estatic and every one was standing as the Red Sox scored 6 runs to beat the Orioles 6 to 5 in this the last few moments of the game.

This is proberly the best game that my wife and I will ever see as these kind of endings dont come around very often.

Happy Mother's Day Christine and thanks for the tickets.

Babci & George

soxnationgirl said...

Thanks, George. A great ending to an already fantastic day! Thanks for coming!