Monday, May 21, 2007

Think Only Today, Not What Lies Ahead...

... this seems to be the sentiment in Red Sox Nation.
We're off the see the boyz of the Bronx, for a 3 day series beginning tonite.

For the Yankees, these next 3 days are critical; for the Sox it's another day at the office.

Wierd thinking this way, isn't it?

Lots of media talk out there, that the Yankees are done, too far out to ever come back. Torre's on the chopping block, etc. I have followed this Red Sox/Yankees rivalry long enough to know that you should NEVER say NEVER. Certainly the baseball world looks much better from our vantage point, that's for sure; 10-1/2 up. Pretty darn tough to come back from that!

Likely to happen? No.
Impossible? Unfortunately... also NO.

People might think I am pessimistic, but I don't mean to sound so. Afterall, the Sox just won seven out of 10 games, and played two doubleheaders in three days. So far, depth has not been an issue with this team. We've got goods off the bench with Cora and Hinske. Solid outings from the likes of Kason Gabbard demonstrate that we have decent kids in AAA and AA to pull if we need them, as we wait for Beckett to return. (and Lester too, for that matter).

I'm just one of those people who keeps one eye on the rear view mirror. Sooner or later, someone will get hurt. It is inevitable; every team goes through it. Our fortune so far has only been a glamorized blister on Beckett's middle finger, and Timlin's continual nagging back. The mark of a great team is measured on how the team reacts and adjusts to this kind of adversity.
What is in the Sox's favor is that we have great depth in many areas, which makes for a great plan B.

I think it would be foolish for the Yankees to let Torre go, if they lose this series. The guy has taken the Yankees to the postseason every year. One horrible start, and now they want to grind the axe on his neck? Hey, if that's how they feel, go ahead, it can only help the rest of us. Throw a little more drama and chaos into that clubhouse. I can't see how removing Torre would motivate the players any more. If they really wanted to get rid of him, they certainly had that opportunity last October when the rumors swirled after the Yankee's quick exit from postseason play.

Our Sox seem to be doing the right things. Above all, you can see good chemistry on the field, and on the sidelines, too.

So good luck tonite, guys. Lets hope those knuckleballs dive and dart all over that plate, and Wake gets good run support for a change. My prediction is the Sox are going to take 2 out of 3.
Tonite will be a fight... Wang, when healthy, is pretty good. And Wake will give up some runs, so if our bats are cold, it will be a long night.

Good luck Tim!!!

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