Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tavarez - Player or "Playah"?

Wow, who knew that Tavarez would dominate today? Detroit only managed one run against him, in the 5th, as the Red Sox take game one of today's doubleheader at Fenway, winning 2-1.

7 complete innings for Tavarez.

Okijima solid in the 8th.

Papelbon gets it done in the 9th.

You can hear the sighs of relief in Red Sox Nation, when the 8th inning comes up these days, knowing we have Okijima and Papelbon on the way. Here's to continued good health, boys!

Not too much more to say other than YEAH!
Hey, there's a little Tavarez story that's brewing around Boston. Julian recently told Gordon Edes in an interview about his poor upbringing in the Dominican, that if he didn't become a ballplayer, he likely would have made his living as an adult movie star. Ummm... hmmm... not sure how to react to that comment. I don't necessarily look at Tavarez and think "brad pitt", ya know what I mean? Look for yourself at the photo, at the top of today's blog and check for yourself.
Tavarez seems to be a Pretty funny guy. I have had this photo, of Manny and Julian in an awkward embrace for some time now, in my archives. Just have been waiting for the right opportunity to use it. Today's news of "Julian the Porn star" seems as good of a time as any to use it now... ????
Game 2 of the doubleheader is slated for 7PM tonite, with Curt taking the mound against Chad Durbin. Scouting reports out there, are that Durbin's got a pretty tough sinker that he uses on the 2 count. Our bats need to pick up for this next game, Schill will be looking for that run support.
I'll check back with you all later... in the meantime, Yanks are down 0-4 in the 6th inning, and we are 8.5 up in the AL EAST.

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