Thursday, May 31, 2007

Right or Wrong... its just lacks class

How desperate has A-Rod become, that he has to yell "MINE" behind the Toronto shortstop McDonald, to distract him, causing him to miss a potential third out popup?

This happened last night, in the Yankees win against the Blue Jays, at a time when the Yankees were up 7-5.

What A-Rod did is not illegal. It borders on interference, probably. But even if it isn't called interference, can we all agree that its just juvenile?

These guys in Major League Baseball aren't Little Leaguers, they are Professionals. This wasn't very professional. Its dirty play. Making the guy think his teammate is calling him off. An 8 year old would do that. And when the 8 year old gets caught, his coach will scold him for being unsportsman like, in front of the rest of his teammates. But when asked for his comment on the Blue Jays' reaction to his action, here was A-Rod's take:

"I couldn't care less -- they have their opinions," Rodriguez said. "We're looking not to be swept. It really didn't make a difference. We won." Good message to those 8 year old baseball players who emulate you, A-Rod. Good job.

Be proud of yourself, A-Rod. You're just giving everyone another reason to hate you. Funny the rest of your teammates didnt line up to defend you. Make sure your helmet has extra padding the next time you face Toronto; something tells me you are going to get beaned in the head

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