Thursday, May 24, 2007

Our Ace NOT in the hole this time

Yeah, Curt. It was that bad.
Don't worry. This gal from the Nation isn't ready to send you off for greener pastures just yet.
6 runs, on 12 hits thru 6 innings. 8-3 final score, Yankees win, and take the series, 2-1.
“I was consistently inconsistent when I couldn’t afford to be against a lineup where you’ve got to locate,” Schilling said. “We were never in this game because I couldn’t execute.”
Hey everybody, Curt just said something to the press, and it isnt controversial, but is the truth.
Keep the head up, man. It's just one game, we still have a 9 1/2 game lead, and Beckett is returning in a few days. Schilling usually takes his lumps, and spends the next few days adjusting, adjusting, adjusting.
On a side note... Rocket Roger Clemens pitched last night also, against our Portland Seadogs. His command left a lot to be desired. Pitched 102 pitches, but his performance was just OK. I am sure those 45 yr. old legs are hurting him today. I really hope it works out that he pitches against the Sox next Saturday. That's the day we have tickets, out near Peskey Pole, and I would LOVE to see that outing in person. Right now, looks like next saturday or next sunday. We shall see how the cards may fall.
So let's all enjoy this day off from baseball, the weather locally is beautiful. The holiday weekend looks to be beautiful and busy, so you may not hear from me for a few days.
Talk to you all again, by Monday.

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