Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Happy Memorial Day! What a beauty it was! Hope everyone took a few minutes between hot dogs, picnics, and playing outside today, to remember our troops, past and present. God bless em all, and hope the active ones all get home soon, and safely...

Nice little SWEEP while I've been away, eh? Not too shabby! So we're up into 11+ games in the lead for AL East. Missed some good topics to write about over the last 3 days, between Dice-K puking his guts out, and then returning to the mound (wow, what a warrior!) and some nice contributions by the quieter guys on our team, like Drew, Lugo, and what a catch yesterday by Coco!! And what did I hear about Tavarez rolling the ball to first base for an out? HUH? Musta been pretty hysterical.

Tonite is the big return of our beloved dirt dog, TROT NIXON. I am sure he will get a standing ovation. No boos tonite, he was truly loved by the fans. Great to see that he is doing so well in Cleveland, just hope he keeps the home run swings out of Fenway!

I didn't write while I was away, because did a great camping trip with tons of family and friends this weekend. No electricity = no computer access, no TV, little radio, NO ACCESS TO RED SOX. Felt like a drug addict in withdrawal, not being able to know what the scores were, knowing the games were either in progress or over. Wasn't sure if I was itchy because of all the mosquito bites, or NESN withdrawal. Did you hear Steinbrenner did an interview? NO I HAD NO TV. Did the Yankees lose again? I DON'T KNOW I HAD NO TV. Somebody said Pedroia hit a homer, did they win? I DON'T KNOW I DONT KNOW--- I HAD NO ACCESS TO INFORMATION!

Whew, The good news is that I am back now, feeling much better about missing info, and can read all the data I want between innings. It was funny this weekend, sitting around the campfire. Inevitably, the conversation turns to baseball, when you are in my world. The biggest Red Sox fan I know, the Comish, was there with his family. And family and friends who, it pains me to admit, are Yankee fans also had a few smores with us all. (I love you guys anyway!!) It's interesting to me, that even with a 12 game lead against the Yankees, a good portion of our time was spent reminiscing where we were, and how we felt when Bill bleepin' Buckner let the ball roll thru his legs. Or what grade we were in when Bucky bleepin' Dent broke our hearts. Or how the world stopped spinning for just a moment when bleepin' Boone hit that darn homer in 2003. Of course, the stories were sad, pathetic, yet humorous when the Red Sox fans around the fire shared their moments. Lots of laughs, and nodding of our heads as we all understood how each other felt during those painful moments. And the Yankee fans at that same fire? Well, let's just say their memories of the same events were much, much different than ours.

But, as they say on the Sopranos, "FUGHETABOUTIT". This isn't 1978, 1986, or 2003.

It's 2007. I couldn't help but smile. One of these summers, at a campground near you, a bunch of Yankee fans will be camping together. They will be unable to get the baseball scores, and will be wondering, as they roast their marshmellows, how the day's games went. And, inevitably, the conversation will turn to reminiscing where they were, and how they felt when Mark bleepin' Bellhorn hit that homer in the AL playoffs in 2004, or when Big bleepin' Papi hit what seemed like a walk off homer every night, as the Sox shocked the world coming back from an 0-3 deficit, to win the series over the Yankees, and earn a trip to the World Series and go on to sweep the Cardinals.

And better yet, they will soak their sorrows over that summer of 2007, the year the dynasty crumbled.

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