Friday, May 18, 2007

Final Mom's Day Thoughts....

ANOTHER RAINOUT TODAY! ARRGGHH! Another doubleheader Saturday, weather permitting, of course!!

Had no choice tonite, but to watch the first game of the Subway series at Shea Stadium. Mets ramped it right up, taking Game One, 3-2. Once again, the Yankees starting pitching was actually pretty good; tonite it was Pettitte, but their bats remain cold, cold, cold. Tonite, for Pettitte it really just came down to one bad pitch. Unfortunately for him, it turned into a 2 run homer. I wonder if he wishes he had just stayed in Houston? He seems to be getting the same run support in NY as he got down there...

Just means a double digit lead for those Red Sox. We were 5.5 up when Clemens signed with them, now we are 10. Can U Believe it? Yes, I can!

The Angel in Section 26

Every once in awhile someone crosses your path, who reminds you that there are special people out there who are truly wonderful. I had the privilege of meeting someone like that, on my visit last week at Fenway Park. Here is my angel story:

We were all enjoying the Red Sox/Orioles game at Fenway. My 3 year old was, well, acting like a 3 year old. He and I spent more time singing the alphabet song and eating overpriced snacks, than actually enjoying the game. Suddenly, in the 4th inning, my son had an accident.

Well, Murphy's Law being what it is, the backpack that I brought with us had everything a 3 year old could need, except for an extra pair of pants! So our dilemna was this: find a dryer to dry his pants, or spend a ridiculous amount of money for a pair of sweatpants for him to wear for the next 1 1/2 hours. My husband tried our first option, and there are NO hand dryers in bathrooms at Fenway Park. So he and I talked about it, and decided it was not worth spending $60 on a pair of pants for a 3 year old. We had a blanket, and we could wrap it around him to keep him warm.

Around this time, there was a family of four in front of us, who had left to go to the concession stand. Soon they returned, and the wife turned to me at said, in her perfect Boston accent, "Hey, Happy Mother's Day", and dropped a bag on my seat. In it, was a brand new Red Sox Sweatsuit for my son, size 4T. Perfect fit.

I told her I couldn't accept it, she wouldn't take that. I then offered to reimburse her, as she didn't need to do that for us. She told me no. I asked her why she would be so nice to do that and her response brought me to tears:

On this Mother's Day, she had been watching my son and I, as we played and sang, and clapped and laughed. This brought back to her, wonderful memories of her and her own son, and it touched her heart. You see, her son passed away 2 years ago on Mother's Day. He would be 19 now. Watching my son, brought her comfort.

She and I shared tears together, as my son spilled his popcorn all over his seat. I don't know where she lives, really who she is, other than her name is Kelly. She and her family will have a special spot in my family's heart forever.

Guessing her accent was a Boston one, I put a thank you letter to her in Boston Herald's Letters to the Editor. Hopefully she reads the Herald, not the Globe.

Thank you , Kelly.

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