Saturday, May 19, 2007

Do your homework before the trap Opens

Since we are currently between the doubleheader games right now, I thought I'd take a few minutes and write down today's thoughts. Yanks are currently down 8-2 in the 2nd Subway game. Rasner is down with a broken finger, Cano has 2 errors.

First off, I keep rubbing my eyes, because I feel like I am dreamin', here in Sox Nation. 10 1/2 games up this early in the year? Dice-K just won his 5th straight decision, going 8 innings, walking zero. Had a little bit of home run derby so far today, with homers by Lugo, Youk, Willie Mo, and of course the grand baby by Mike Lowell.

So glad Theo decided to keep Lowell around this year. :-)

I watched a confrontation last night, between a Red Sox and a Yankee fan, at one of the bars at the Mohegan Sun. What I saw what truly embarrassing.

We Sox fans are in new territory this year. Honestly, I don't recall ever feeling this good, this consistent, as a team. Sox fans are so accustomed to either be chasing the Yankees, or watching out for them behind our shoulder as they slowly cut down our few game lead. Being this far ahead, and watching the blue blood pouring over there in NY is a new, (albeit enjoyable) pastime.

Some of us out there are even starting to get a little cocky. Hey, it's OK to be confident about our team. Even a little obnoxious at times, is earned. We've been taking it for a long time from those fans from the Bronx, now the tables are turned. Have any of you relished the uneasiness of your Yankee fan friend, who has been telling you for the last 6 weeks that our being a few games ahead doesn't really matter this early? Those friends aren't sounding quite so sure of themselves lately, have they?

I just want to say to you guys, have fun with it, but PLEASE, if you have something to say, MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT BEFORE YOU SPEW.

Last night, my husband and I were waiting for some friends, to share in a drink together. Across the bar stood a Red Sox fan, wearing a very loud looking Green and Gold Red Sox hat. (Yea, its true, and it wasn't very pretty.) He notices a few seats away from me, a man in a Yankee hat. Suddenly, this guy with the green bling hat starts shooting off all this smack talk to the Yankee guy. The funny part was, this guy didn't even know the correct names of the Red Sox players! It was hysterical, and the guy looked moronic. Kept telling the Yankee guy that he WISHES he had a player like BIG PAPA. "Yeah, aren't you jealous of our BIG PAPA" "YEAH - BIG PAPA, BIG PAPA"

BIG PAPA? Jerk, you just lost all your credibility!!!! I immediately squirmed.

Green hat guy Goes on to say, "Mariano is no good, he can't pitch like our Papelbon did today, can he? Pap did great, what did your guy do?"


I thought my husband was going to fall off his seat, we both were laughing so hard.

My point is this... let's all savor this time, because we all agree it is a great feeling. Things are looking very good in the Nation so far, and its certainly OK to enjoy it. But if you don't really have anything to say, just smile and finish drinking your beer. Because smack talk like I heard last night did nothing but make us all look really really bad.

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