Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Do we always need something to whine about?

I can't believe what I hear sometimes.

Over the last 24 hours, I have heard 5 people on the radio say they wish the Yankees were closer in the standings.


I guess their rationale is that, if the Yankees are out of it, it makes a series like the one this upcoming weekend "boring". My opinion is that we can NEVER have a big enough lead.

Do we really want them only 5 or 6 games out in early August? Does anyone remember what happened last year? The mini Boston Massacre, when we got SWEPT? The Yanks came from behind, to take the AL East lead, and never looked back. We didn't even finish the season 2nd, but 3rd, 11 games back behind Toronto. You poll Yankee fans, and they will tell you that they had a BLAST going into September during '06, knowing we were out of it. I can tell you a few of the ones I know that a BALL reminding me every day how out of it the Red Sox had become.

How about On Aug. 10, 05', when we had a season-high 5½-game lead over the Yankees with 49 games left in the season. Everyone thought we had it in the bag. Then of course, New York went on a tear that carried them to their clincher on the final Saturday of the season. I was at that game at Fenway. Nothing is worse than watching the Yankees celebrate their winning their division live, right in front of your face. Ugh.

My point is, overcoming a 5 or 6 game deficit is definitely feasible.

We all know that the Yankees are hurting. Badly. The heart of this team seems non-existent, and they don't seem to have the click, to put it together.

But what if they find a way to figure it out? Wouldn't you rather be 15 games up when that happens, and not 5? Last year we lost Lester, Papi, Varitek, almost all at once. If that happened again, could we still play .500 ball? We're playing at a .700 pace right now.

It just seems that we're always looking for something to whine about. The fact is, our starters are doing well, the bullpen is coming through when we need them, our closer is solid, (even though he scared me a little last night!) and our bats produce pretty consistently. It isn't all Papi and Manny, but everyone is contributing. That's great. We need to celebrate this, not whine about what other teams aren't doing.

I'm going to Saturday's game against the Yankees. Maybe we'll be 14 games up by then. I was hoping Clemens would be coming into town, but it sounds like Torre has other plans. Bummer. It would have made for good drama.

But hey, I'm not going to whine about it.

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