Tuesday, May 15, 2007

COMPLETE- ly Awesome

Here's my bow of respect to Matzusaka - San, for a complete game last night! Way to go, Dice-K, great to see such command! 8.5 UP in the standings today, whaaaa- hoo!

Lots of talk today on the radio and blogs about Tito's decision to leave Dice-K in in the 9th. My opinion, is that Tito is probably thinking that we have a long stretch here, without a day off. With Tavarez coming up tomorrow, Tito probably expects to utilize the bullpen, and they need to be ready. So in this regard, I think its great that Tito chose to let Dice-K finish up the game, and give the bullpen some rest. Especially since #18 was so terrific. Dice-K is a young guy who throws much more frequently than traditional starting pitchers' regiments anyway. If it had been Curt or Wake, I would expect someone would have been brought in. Dice's still adjusting to his new schedule, different training programs, etc. etc. I don't see the harm in this now and then, with their schedule in the next 1-1/2 weeks as busy as it is.


Hey for anyone out there, who might be going to Fenway this year, who happened to buy their tickets using MASTERCARD, if you got the Grand Slam Ticket coupon for 4 hot dogs and 4 drinks... BEWARE! The ticket can only be used at the concession stands behind home plate. And how do I know this, you ask? BECAUSE I WASTED A WHOLE INNING on Sunday, in 3 different concession lines, trying to get my kids some hot dogs! One vendor went so far as to give me 4 hot dogs, and then tell me I had to GIVE THEM BACK.
Huh? I told him, he couldn't sell the hot dogs to anyone now since I touched them, and that would be wasteful. And he told me I had to give them back anyway, even though he knew he was going to throw them out.
So if you are sitting out in the bleachers, and you're hungry, either give the Red Sox organization some more of your hard earned cash, or make sure you are wearing your good sneakers, because you have a long walk to get your $4 hot dog for free...

Just some friendly advice.

See that? I remember that I vented my mouth off about the price of a Fenway Frank hot dog in my blog last month, and it came back to bite my behind! GGGRRRRRRRHH!

talk to you tomorrow...

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