Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Birthday Boy Gets the Win

Congratulations to yesterday's Birthday Boy, Julian Tavarez, for getting the big W last night against the Yankees.
Sometimes, I just don't get that wild and crazy Tavarez...
Whenever he gets on the mound, I am always SOOOOOO nervous. He's been great, or he's been horrendous. I can't help but wonder, whenever he's about to start a game, if he is going to be the solid Tavarez, or the Goofy Clown Tavarez.
Fortunately, It was Solid Tavarez who made his appearance last night. Had a pretty decent outing, even a no-hitter into the 4th inning, before he gave up singles to both Matsui and Posada. Nice show for the guy who makes me bite my nails!
Have you guys noticed that when Tavarez is on the mound, it's then that the ol' Manny comes to the park? Manny Blasted a 3-run home run in the first inning against Mussina last night. In fact, Manny has hit three Homers in eight of Tavarez' outings, totalling up 10 RBI's. This year, Manny's bat seems to be pretty quiet otherwise. Now THAT's a guy who is supporting his friend, eh? It's no secret that Manny and Tavarez are best buddies. You'll often find Julian in the clubhouse, wearing a 'Manny bein' Manny' t-shirt; laughing and joking on the bench or on the field together.
As much as I whine about the guy, I must admit Tavarez plays a pretty important role on this team. He is a true team player. He just wants to contribute, and has made it very clear that he is OK with whatever job that may be. As goofy as he is, this demonstrates what a true professional he is. Sets a good example for the others. He reminds me of the Kevin Millar of 2004. Kevin was a free-spirit, fun loving guy who brought a definite presence in the clubhouse. Kept things lighthearted, but wasnt a distraction. (at least not too much). Kevin's hitting and fielding abilities certainly aren't the reason the '04 Sox got to and won the World Series, but you can bet that his clubhouse presence certainly made an impact on that team.
Gordon Edes wrote a story recently, where he found Tavarez in the clubhouse, "Manny bein' Manny t-shirt on his back, and slippers with Big Papi's face on each foot.
That's hilarious. If anyone out there can find me a picture of that out on the web, please let me know, I'd love to post it for everyone's entertainment.

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