Wednesday, May 30, 2007

BECKETT is back!

Way to go... Josh Beckett is now 8-0!!!
It's great to see Josh return with such a strong outing. Didn't miss a beat, as he and the rest of the Sox beat Cleveland Indians, 4-2.
Beckett pitched 91 pitches, and reports are that his middle finger is just fine.
Its very encouraging, downright awesome, that with our 7-0 pitcher on the DL, the Sox still were able to go 11-4 during his absence. That is what makes this team so special. When someone is down, there are others who seems to take his place and the team keeps winning. You see this with the 3 game absence of Big Papi. We still managed to win those games without him. Guys like Youkilis, Mr. Double Mike Lowell, even rookie Dustin Pedroia demonstrate the kind of production that a team with depth and heart can accomplish.
Youkilis is simply on FIRE. Last night, he hit his second home run in 2 nights, in addition to another double. Youkilis' hitting streak is now 21 games (.441). Pretty high caliber stuff for a guy who isnt even on the All-Star ballot.
Our big lead is allowing the Sox to do something unfamiliar to all of us... take their time and execute plans:
1. The Sox didn't need to rush Beckett back, because other pitchers stepped in and won.
2. Tito doesn't need to rush Lester back right away either, because Tavarez has been a pleasant surprise.
3. Papi's been fighting the flu and sore hammies; not enough to go on the DL. The Sox have the luxury to give him 2-3 days off to get better, and they did. During this time we won anyway, without his assistance.
4. Manny hasn't really been Manny in the batter's box so far this year, lets be honest. Yet, no one is talking about it, even caring too much, because there always seems to be someone else who is hitting during the situations where it counts.
Beckett said it best after last night's win:
“This is a really special group of guys and we pull together." “We’re pulling on the same end of the rope. We don’t have a lot of the he-said, she-said stuff going on that I know I’ve been a part of in other clubhouses. This is just a real special group of guys.”
14 1/2 is now the lead over the Yankees. Tonite we go for the sweep against Cleveland, as Matsuzaka takes the mound. Good luck, Dice-K. No puking tonite !!

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