Thursday, May 10, 2007

All in the Groove

Last night's 9-3 victory was a nice summary of the current state of Red Sox Nation...

Leading up to last night, Dice-K's previous 3 starts were less than outstanding, even though we went 2-0. His last game he gave up 7 runs in 5 innings against Seattle.

Last night, it appeared that progress has been made with his control issues.

1 run, 5 hits, 8 strike outs over 7 innings. We all kept waiting for that 1 inning where he would break down and lose it; it never happened. Yeah! Could it be that he is finally figuring out how it works here in the States?

The icing came in the form of offense behind him. Ortiz 4-5 with a homer and 3 RBIs, Manny with his 53rd homer against Toronto, Dustin Pedroia going 2 for 4, 5 RBIs now 10 for 17 in his last 5 games, Lugo stepping up with hisown 2 run HR, 3 RBIs, Mr. Double Mike Lowell adding his own HR, 3 hits total in the mix.

It just seems that, for these '07 Sox, so far they have figured out how to adjust and adapt and work together to get the job done. Seems that everyday there is some distraction, usually surrounding a quote that Schilling has made, it seems!) yet, it doesn't seem to faze anyone. Its refreshing that we aren't seeing it be Manny and Papi the only guys every day who are stepping it up. Lowell has been an offensive dynamite, Youk (when he isnt getting hit by a pitcher!) has been very consistent as well. You get the sense that, whenever one guy is slumping someone else out of nowhere is stepping up. Dustin, Lugo, and Coco are good examples of this.

Depth is crucial, as we all know as the weeks go on, these guys will be having their share of bumps and bruises. Knowing that Manny or Drew can take a day off, and we are still able to win games, is super.


Tonite Wake is taking the mound against Toronto in the Rogers Centre. Word out there, is the Wake's knuckleball has greater effect indoors in a dome arena, than outdoors. Of course there is no scientific explanation, but he is usually SOLID in a dome enviroment, as we have seen in his last 2 starts in Toronto and Minnesota. You would think that luck is on our side, as The weather report (as of 2PM this afternoon) is calling for rain, which means the retractable roof SHOULD be closed. Not if Blue Jays GM has his way.

I've been to the Dome twice. The first time it was cloudy, and the roof was closed, no rain. The second time, it was sunny, and open.

Unless there is a torrential downpour, the GM is keeping the roof open. It's all about taking whatever advantage they can.

Heck, if I was 9.5 games back this early in the year, and just found out that BJ Ryan is done for the year with Tommy John surgery, I'd be taking whatever advantages I could too!

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