Thursday, May 31, 2007

Right or Wrong... its just lacks class

How desperate has A-Rod become, that he has to yell "MINE" behind the Toronto shortstop McDonald, to distract him, causing him to miss a potential third out popup?

This happened last night, in the Yankees win against the Blue Jays, at a time when the Yankees were up 7-5.

What A-Rod did is not illegal. It borders on interference, probably. But even if it isn't called interference, can we all agree that its just juvenile?

These guys in Major League Baseball aren't Little Leaguers, they are Professionals. This wasn't very professional. Its dirty play. Making the guy think his teammate is calling him off. An 8 year old would do that. And when the 8 year old gets caught, his coach will scold him for being unsportsman like, in front of the rest of his teammates. But when asked for his comment on the Blue Jays' reaction to his action, here was A-Rod's take:

"I couldn't care less -- they have their opinions," Rodriguez said. "We're looking not to be swept. It really didn't make a difference. We won." Good message to those 8 year old baseball players who emulate you, A-Rod. Good job.

Be proud of yourself, A-Rod. You're just giving everyone another reason to hate you. Funny the rest of your teammates didnt line up to defend you. Make sure your helmet has extra padding the next time you face Toronto; something tells me you are going to get beaned in the head

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

BECKETT is back!

Way to go... Josh Beckett is now 8-0!!!
It's great to see Josh return with such a strong outing. Didn't miss a beat, as he and the rest of the Sox beat Cleveland Indians, 4-2.
Beckett pitched 91 pitches, and reports are that his middle finger is just fine.
Its very encouraging, downright awesome, that with our 7-0 pitcher on the DL, the Sox still were able to go 11-4 during his absence. That is what makes this team so special. When someone is down, there are others who seems to take his place and the team keeps winning. You see this with the 3 game absence of Big Papi. We still managed to win those games without him. Guys like Youkilis, Mr. Double Mike Lowell, even rookie Dustin Pedroia demonstrate the kind of production that a team with depth and heart can accomplish.
Youkilis is simply on FIRE. Last night, he hit his second home run in 2 nights, in addition to another double. Youkilis' hitting streak is now 21 games (.441). Pretty high caliber stuff for a guy who isnt even on the All-Star ballot.
Our big lead is allowing the Sox to do something unfamiliar to all of us... take their time and execute plans:
1. The Sox didn't need to rush Beckett back, because other pitchers stepped in and won.
2. Tito doesn't need to rush Lester back right away either, because Tavarez has been a pleasant surprise.
3. Papi's been fighting the flu and sore hammies; not enough to go on the DL. The Sox have the luxury to give him 2-3 days off to get better, and they did. During this time we won anyway, without his assistance.
4. Manny hasn't really been Manny in the batter's box so far this year, lets be honest. Yet, no one is talking about it, even caring too much, because there always seems to be someone else who is hitting during the situations where it counts.
Beckett said it best after last night's win:
“This is a really special group of guys and we pull together." “We’re pulling on the same end of the rope. We don’t have a lot of the he-said, she-said stuff going on that I know I’ve been a part of in other clubhouses. This is just a real special group of guys.”
14 1/2 is now the lead over the Yankees. Tonite we go for the sweep against Cleveland, as Matsuzaka takes the mound. Good luck, Dice-K. No puking tonite !!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Do we always need something to whine about?

I can't believe what I hear sometimes.

Over the last 24 hours, I have heard 5 people on the radio say they wish the Yankees were closer in the standings.


I guess their rationale is that, if the Yankees are out of it, it makes a series like the one this upcoming weekend "boring". My opinion is that we can NEVER have a big enough lead.

Do we really want them only 5 or 6 games out in early August? Does anyone remember what happened last year? The mini Boston Massacre, when we got SWEPT? The Yanks came from behind, to take the AL East lead, and never looked back. We didn't even finish the season 2nd, but 3rd, 11 games back behind Toronto. You poll Yankee fans, and they will tell you that they had a BLAST going into September during '06, knowing we were out of it. I can tell you a few of the ones I know that a BALL reminding me every day how out of it the Red Sox had become.

How about On Aug. 10, 05', when we had a season-high 5½-game lead over the Yankees with 49 games left in the season. Everyone thought we had it in the bag. Then of course, New York went on a tear that carried them to their clincher on the final Saturday of the season. I was at that game at Fenway. Nothing is worse than watching the Yankees celebrate their winning their division live, right in front of your face. Ugh.

My point is, overcoming a 5 or 6 game deficit is definitely feasible.

We all know that the Yankees are hurting. Badly. The heart of this team seems non-existent, and they don't seem to have the click, to put it together.

But what if they find a way to figure it out? Wouldn't you rather be 15 games up when that happens, and not 5? Last year we lost Lester, Papi, Varitek, almost all at once. If that happened again, could we still play .500 ball? We're playing at a .700 pace right now.

It just seems that we're always looking for something to whine about. The fact is, our starters are doing well, the bullpen is coming through when we need them, our closer is solid, (even though he scared me a little last night!) and our bats produce pretty consistently. It isn't all Papi and Manny, but everyone is contributing. That's great. We need to celebrate this, not whine about what other teams aren't doing.

I'm going to Saturday's game against the Yankees. Maybe we'll be 14 games up by then. I was hoping Clemens would be coming into town, but it sounds like Torre has other plans. Bummer. It would have made for good drama.

But hey, I'm not going to whine about it.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Happy Memorial Day! What a beauty it was! Hope everyone took a few minutes between hot dogs, picnics, and playing outside today, to remember our troops, past and present. God bless em all, and hope the active ones all get home soon, and safely...

Nice little SWEEP while I've been away, eh? Not too shabby! So we're up into 11+ games in the lead for AL East. Missed some good topics to write about over the last 3 days, between Dice-K puking his guts out, and then returning to the mound (wow, what a warrior!) and some nice contributions by the quieter guys on our team, like Drew, Lugo, and what a catch yesterday by Coco!! And what did I hear about Tavarez rolling the ball to first base for an out? HUH? Musta been pretty hysterical.

Tonite is the big return of our beloved dirt dog, TROT NIXON. I am sure he will get a standing ovation. No boos tonite, he was truly loved by the fans. Great to see that he is doing so well in Cleveland, just hope he keeps the home run swings out of Fenway!

I didn't write while I was away, because did a great camping trip with tons of family and friends this weekend. No electricity = no computer access, no TV, little radio, NO ACCESS TO RED SOX. Felt like a drug addict in withdrawal, not being able to know what the scores were, knowing the games were either in progress or over. Wasn't sure if I was itchy because of all the mosquito bites, or NESN withdrawal. Did you hear Steinbrenner did an interview? NO I HAD NO TV. Did the Yankees lose again? I DON'T KNOW I HAD NO TV. Somebody said Pedroia hit a homer, did they win? I DON'T KNOW I DONT KNOW--- I HAD NO ACCESS TO INFORMATION!

Whew, The good news is that I am back now, feeling much better about missing info, and can read all the data I want between innings. It was funny this weekend, sitting around the campfire. Inevitably, the conversation turns to baseball, when you are in my world. The biggest Red Sox fan I know, the Comish, was there with his family. And family and friends who, it pains me to admit, are Yankee fans also had a few smores with us all. (I love you guys anyway!!) It's interesting to me, that even with a 12 game lead against the Yankees, a good portion of our time was spent reminiscing where we were, and how we felt when Bill bleepin' Buckner let the ball roll thru his legs. Or what grade we were in when Bucky bleepin' Dent broke our hearts. Or how the world stopped spinning for just a moment when bleepin' Boone hit that darn homer in 2003. Of course, the stories were sad, pathetic, yet humorous when the Red Sox fans around the fire shared their moments. Lots of laughs, and nodding of our heads as we all understood how each other felt during those painful moments. And the Yankee fans at that same fire? Well, let's just say their memories of the same events were much, much different than ours.

But, as they say on the Sopranos, "FUGHETABOUTIT". This isn't 1978, 1986, or 2003.

It's 2007. I couldn't help but smile. One of these summers, at a campground near you, a bunch of Yankee fans will be camping together. They will be unable to get the baseball scores, and will be wondering, as they roast their marshmellows, how the day's games went. And, inevitably, the conversation will turn to reminiscing where they were, and how they felt when Mark bleepin' Bellhorn hit that homer in the AL playoffs in 2004, or when Big bleepin' Papi hit what seemed like a walk off homer every night, as the Sox shocked the world coming back from an 0-3 deficit, to win the series over the Yankees, and earn a trip to the World Series and go on to sweep the Cardinals.

And better yet, they will soak their sorrows over that summer of 2007, the year the dynasty crumbled.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Our Ace NOT in the hole this time

Yeah, Curt. It was that bad.
Don't worry. This gal from the Nation isn't ready to send you off for greener pastures just yet.
6 runs, on 12 hits thru 6 innings. 8-3 final score, Yankees win, and take the series, 2-1.
“I was consistently inconsistent when I couldn’t afford to be against a lineup where you’ve got to locate,” Schilling said. “We were never in this game because I couldn’t execute.”
Hey everybody, Curt just said something to the press, and it isnt controversial, but is the truth.
Keep the head up, man. It's just one game, we still have a 9 1/2 game lead, and Beckett is returning in a few days. Schilling usually takes his lumps, and spends the next few days adjusting, adjusting, adjusting.
On a side note... Rocket Roger Clemens pitched last night also, against our Portland Seadogs. His command left a lot to be desired. Pitched 102 pitches, but his performance was just OK. I am sure those 45 yr. old legs are hurting him today. I really hope it works out that he pitches against the Sox next Saturday. That's the day we have tickets, out near Peskey Pole, and I would LOVE to see that outing in person. Right now, looks like next saturday or next sunday. We shall see how the cards may fall.
So let's all enjoy this day off from baseball, the weather locally is beautiful. The holiday weekend looks to be beautiful and busy, so you may not hear from me for a few days.
Talk to you all again, by Monday.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Birthday Boy Gets the Win

Congratulations to yesterday's Birthday Boy, Julian Tavarez, for getting the big W last night against the Yankees.
Sometimes, I just don't get that wild and crazy Tavarez...
Whenever he gets on the mound, I am always SOOOOOO nervous. He's been great, or he's been horrendous. I can't help but wonder, whenever he's about to start a game, if he is going to be the solid Tavarez, or the Goofy Clown Tavarez.
Fortunately, It was Solid Tavarez who made his appearance last night. Had a pretty decent outing, even a no-hitter into the 4th inning, before he gave up singles to both Matsui and Posada. Nice show for the guy who makes me bite my nails!
Have you guys noticed that when Tavarez is on the mound, it's then that the ol' Manny comes to the park? Manny Blasted a 3-run home run in the first inning against Mussina last night. In fact, Manny has hit three Homers in eight of Tavarez' outings, totalling up 10 RBI's. This year, Manny's bat seems to be pretty quiet otherwise. Now THAT's a guy who is supporting his friend, eh? It's no secret that Manny and Tavarez are best buddies. You'll often find Julian in the clubhouse, wearing a 'Manny bein' Manny' t-shirt; laughing and joking on the bench or on the field together.
As much as I whine about the guy, I must admit Tavarez plays a pretty important role on this team. He is a true team player. He just wants to contribute, and has made it very clear that he is OK with whatever job that may be. As goofy as he is, this demonstrates what a true professional he is. Sets a good example for the others. He reminds me of the Kevin Millar of 2004. Kevin was a free-spirit, fun loving guy who brought a definite presence in the clubhouse. Kept things lighthearted, but wasnt a distraction. (at least not too much). Kevin's hitting and fielding abilities certainly aren't the reason the '04 Sox got to and won the World Series, but you can bet that his clubhouse presence certainly made an impact on that team.
Gordon Edes wrote a story recently, where he found Tavarez in the clubhouse, "Manny bein' Manny t-shirt on his back, and slippers with Big Papi's face on each foot.
That's hilarious. If anyone out there can find me a picture of that out on the web, please let me know, I'd love to post it for everyone's entertainment.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Roll of the Dice... comes up a winner

Congratulations go out to our man, Dice-K Matsuzaka, most recently named the AL Player of the Week. Seems our man from the Far East has finally found his groove.

After opening the season with a 1-2 record, he's won 5 of his last 6 starts.
Over the week of 5/20, Matsuzaka went 2-0 with a 2.12 ERA and 11 strikeouts in two starts.
including a complete-game victory against the Detroit Tigers. Yeah !

Definitely started the season a bit shaky, but has certainly been the master of adjustments, to get his strong command back. Great to see our $100 million dollar man investment seems to be paying off... Have you guys gotten your Red Sox shirts, written in japanese yet?


Game 2 tonite continues the Red Sox/Yankees series. This one will give us Julian T vs. Mike Mussina. Should be a good game, I expect both teams should be able to muster some runs against these guys. Neither are overpowering guys. Hopefully our batting practice will result in more runs than the Yankees' will. Hey, if Tavarez can get us to the end of the 6th with a lead; I don't have more of an expectation than that. I will be THRILLED. Then we can Let the pen give us an inning or two, and bring in Papelbon. You guys all know the drill. C'mon, after the Yankees won last night, today's papers and blogs and radio guys are all acting like the Yankees are a game away from first place... and that all of their troubles are over.

I doubt it.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Think Only Today, Not What Lies Ahead...

... this seems to be the sentiment in Red Sox Nation.
We're off the see the boyz of the Bronx, for a 3 day series beginning tonite.

For the Yankees, these next 3 days are critical; for the Sox it's another day at the office.

Wierd thinking this way, isn't it?

Lots of media talk out there, that the Yankees are done, too far out to ever come back. Torre's on the chopping block, etc. I have followed this Red Sox/Yankees rivalry long enough to know that you should NEVER say NEVER. Certainly the baseball world looks much better from our vantage point, that's for sure; 10-1/2 up. Pretty darn tough to come back from that!

Likely to happen? No.
Impossible? Unfortunately... also NO.

People might think I am pessimistic, but I don't mean to sound so. Afterall, the Sox just won seven out of 10 games, and played two doubleheaders in three days. So far, depth has not been an issue with this team. We've got goods off the bench with Cora and Hinske. Solid outings from the likes of Kason Gabbard demonstrate that we have decent kids in AAA and AA to pull if we need them, as we wait for Beckett to return. (and Lester too, for that matter).

I'm just one of those people who keeps one eye on the rear view mirror. Sooner or later, someone will get hurt. It is inevitable; every team goes through it. Our fortune so far has only been a glamorized blister on Beckett's middle finger, and Timlin's continual nagging back. The mark of a great team is measured on how the team reacts and adjusts to this kind of adversity.
What is in the Sox's favor is that we have great depth in many areas, which makes for a great plan B.

I think it would be foolish for the Yankees to let Torre go, if they lose this series. The guy has taken the Yankees to the postseason every year. One horrible start, and now they want to grind the axe on his neck? Hey, if that's how they feel, go ahead, it can only help the rest of us. Throw a little more drama and chaos into that clubhouse. I can't see how removing Torre would motivate the players any more. If they really wanted to get rid of him, they certainly had that opportunity last October when the rumors swirled after the Yankee's quick exit from postseason play.

Our Sox seem to be doing the right things. Above all, you can see good chemistry on the field, and on the sidelines, too.

So good luck tonite, guys. Lets hope those knuckleballs dive and dart all over that plate, and Wake gets good run support for a change. My prediction is the Sox are going to take 2 out of 3.
Tonite will be a fight... Wang, when healthy, is pretty good. And Wake will give up some runs, so if our bats are cold, it will be a long night.

Good luck Tim!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Field Trip Photos of Fenway's Bullpen

My husband took a bunch of photos today over near the bullpen at Fenway. Endured the rain delay, to watch to Sox 6-3 win over Atlanta. Enjoyed Kasan Gabbard striking out 7, who would have expected that? Here are some of shots for your viewing pleasure.
Tomorrow, our Beloved Sox head to the Bronx for our next round against them Yankees. Hey, it looks like the Yanks are about to win their Sunday nite game against them Mets. Well, I guess you can't lose them all!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Do your homework before the trap Opens

Since we are currently between the doubleheader games right now, I thought I'd take a few minutes and write down today's thoughts. Yanks are currently down 8-2 in the 2nd Subway game. Rasner is down with a broken finger, Cano has 2 errors.

First off, I keep rubbing my eyes, because I feel like I am dreamin', here in Sox Nation. 10 1/2 games up this early in the year? Dice-K just won his 5th straight decision, going 8 innings, walking zero. Had a little bit of home run derby so far today, with homers by Lugo, Youk, Willie Mo, and of course the grand baby by Mike Lowell.

So glad Theo decided to keep Lowell around this year. :-)

I watched a confrontation last night, between a Red Sox and a Yankee fan, at one of the bars at the Mohegan Sun. What I saw what truly embarrassing.

We Sox fans are in new territory this year. Honestly, I don't recall ever feeling this good, this consistent, as a team. Sox fans are so accustomed to either be chasing the Yankees, or watching out for them behind our shoulder as they slowly cut down our few game lead. Being this far ahead, and watching the blue blood pouring over there in NY is a new, (albeit enjoyable) pastime.

Some of us out there are even starting to get a little cocky. Hey, it's OK to be confident about our team. Even a little obnoxious at times, is earned. We've been taking it for a long time from those fans from the Bronx, now the tables are turned. Have any of you relished the uneasiness of your Yankee fan friend, who has been telling you for the last 6 weeks that our being a few games ahead doesn't really matter this early? Those friends aren't sounding quite so sure of themselves lately, have they?

I just want to say to you guys, have fun with it, but PLEASE, if you have something to say, MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT BEFORE YOU SPEW.

Last night, my husband and I were waiting for some friends, to share in a drink together. Across the bar stood a Red Sox fan, wearing a very loud looking Green and Gold Red Sox hat. (Yea, its true, and it wasn't very pretty.) He notices a few seats away from me, a man in a Yankee hat. Suddenly, this guy with the green bling hat starts shooting off all this smack talk to the Yankee guy. The funny part was, this guy didn't even know the correct names of the Red Sox players! It was hysterical, and the guy looked moronic. Kept telling the Yankee guy that he WISHES he had a player like BIG PAPA. "Yeah, aren't you jealous of our BIG PAPA" "YEAH - BIG PAPA, BIG PAPA"

BIG PAPA? Jerk, you just lost all your credibility!!!! I immediately squirmed.

Green hat guy Goes on to say, "Mariano is no good, he can't pitch like our Papelbon did today, can he? Pap did great, what did your guy do?"


I thought my husband was going to fall off his seat, we both were laughing so hard.

My point is this... let's all savor this time, because we all agree it is a great feeling. Things are looking very good in the Nation so far, and its certainly OK to enjoy it. But if you don't really have anything to say, just smile and finish drinking your beer. Because smack talk like I heard last night did nothing but make us all look really really bad.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Final Mom's Day Thoughts....

ANOTHER RAINOUT TODAY! ARRGGHH! Another doubleheader Saturday, weather permitting, of course!!

Had no choice tonite, but to watch the first game of the Subway series at Shea Stadium. Mets ramped it right up, taking Game One, 3-2. Once again, the Yankees starting pitching was actually pretty good; tonite it was Pettitte, but their bats remain cold, cold, cold. Tonite, for Pettitte it really just came down to one bad pitch. Unfortunately for him, it turned into a 2 run homer. I wonder if he wishes he had just stayed in Houston? He seems to be getting the same run support in NY as he got down there...

Just means a double digit lead for those Red Sox. We were 5.5 up when Clemens signed with them, now we are 10. Can U Believe it? Yes, I can!

The Angel in Section 26

Every once in awhile someone crosses your path, who reminds you that there are special people out there who are truly wonderful. I had the privilege of meeting someone like that, on my visit last week at Fenway Park. Here is my angel story:

We were all enjoying the Red Sox/Orioles game at Fenway. My 3 year old was, well, acting like a 3 year old. He and I spent more time singing the alphabet song and eating overpriced snacks, than actually enjoying the game. Suddenly, in the 4th inning, my son had an accident.

Well, Murphy's Law being what it is, the backpack that I brought with us had everything a 3 year old could need, except for an extra pair of pants! So our dilemna was this: find a dryer to dry his pants, or spend a ridiculous amount of money for a pair of sweatpants for him to wear for the next 1 1/2 hours. My husband tried our first option, and there are NO hand dryers in bathrooms at Fenway Park. So he and I talked about it, and decided it was not worth spending $60 on a pair of pants for a 3 year old. We had a blanket, and we could wrap it around him to keep him warm.

Around this time, there was a family of four in front of us, who had left to go to the concession stand. Soon they returned, and the wife turned to me at said, in her perfect Boston accent, "Hey, Happy Mother's Day", and dropped a bag on my seat. In it, was a brand new Red Sox Sweatsuit for my son, size 4T. Perfect fit.

I told her I couldn't accept it, she wouldn't take that. I then offered to reimburse her, as she didn't need to do that for us. She told me no. I asked her why she would be so nice to do that and her response brought me to tears:

On this Mother's Day, she had been watching my son and I, as we played and sang, and clapped and laughed. This brought back to her, wonderful memories of her and her own son, and it touched her heart. You see, her son passed away 2 years ago on Mother's Day. He would be 19 now. Watching my son, brought her comfort.

She and I shared tears together, as my son spilled his popcorn all over his seat. I don't know where she lives, really who she is, other than her name is Kelly. She and her family will have a special spot in my family's heart forever.

Guessing her accent was a Boston one, I put a thank you letter to her in Boston Herald's Letters to the Editor. Hopefully she reads the Herald, not the Globe.

Thank you , Kelly.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tavarez - Player or "Playah"?

Wow, who knew that Tavarez would dominate today? Detroit only managed one run against him, in the 5th, as the Red Sox take game one of today's doubleheader at Fenway, winning 2-1.

7 complete innings for Tavarez.

Okijima solid in the 8th.

Papelbon gets it done in the 9th.

You can hear the sighs of relief in Red Sox Nation, when the 8th inning comes up these days, knowing we have Okijima and Papelbon on the way. Here's to continued good health, boys!

Not too much more to say other than YEAH!
Hey, there's a little Tavarez story that's brewing around Boston. Julian recently told Gordon Edes in an interview about his poor upbringing in the Dominican, that if he didn't become a ballplayer, he likely would have made his living as an adult movie star. Ummm... hmmm... not sure how to react to that comment. I don't necessarily look at Tavarez and think "brad pitt", ya know what I mean? Look for yourself at the photo, at the top of today's blog and check for yourself.
Tavarez seems to be a Pretty funny guy. I have had this photo, of Manny and Julian in an awkward embrace for some time now, in my archives. Just have been waiting for the right opportunity to use it. Today's news of "Julian the Porn star" seems as good of a time as any to use it now... ????
Game 2 of the doubleheader is slated for 7PM tonite, with Curt taking the mound against Chad Durbin. Scouting reports out there, are that Durbin's got a pretty tough sinker that he uses on the 2 count. Our bats need to pick up for this next game, Schill will be looking for that run support.
I'll check back with you all later... in the meantime, Yanks are down 0-4 in the 6th inning, and we are 8.5 up in the AL EAST.

its another Rain Out!

Get ready for some baseball today, guys! Doubleheader, beginning at 12:35 today!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

44 Days...

44 Days... that's how long it took for us to get our first J.D. Drew disabled list scare.

They are calling it a "low back contusion", which occured in the 3rd inning last night, during the 7-2 loss to the Tigers. In plain English, would you call that a bloody bruise ?

The good news is that it didn't turn out to be as bad as it looked. He'll be off tonite, but available to pinch hit, if needed. Amen. This means we will likely have the stellar defensive moves by our own Willie Mo Pena. I hope J.D. spends all of the off time, laying down in his hyperbaric chamber, reading a good book, so he can heal heal heal.

Well, we lost a game last night. Had to happen at some time, right? Not too shabby: we Lost to a pitcher who was the 2006 AL Rookie of the Year, and he pitched a fantastic game. Tip the hat off to him, he was lights out. I don't know about you guys, but did you find Verlander's style was very rushed? It seems like the got the ball back from Pudge, and sprinted himself back to the mound, and then immediately wound up again. I don't think the Sox hitters were able to adjust to that. Our guys are the ones who eat up pitches, it seemed like Verlander controlled the tempo of the game, not the Sox. Great changup, and a "wicked haad" fastball too (99 mph). Poor Wake... he can't buy run support when he's up on the mound. It doens't help that a guy like Ordonez in RF has a lifetime batting average of .455 against him.

Tonite is game 3 of the 4 game series. Tavarez, my buddy, will be slinging his stuff. Tek will be back in the lineup, and maybe we will see some of the Pena offensive magic, that we all know he can be capable of, as he covers the RF tonite. I just heard that the Yankees lost the first game of today's doubleheader. Good news: this means that No headway has been lost, due to our loss.

See you all next time!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

COMPLETE- ly Awesome

Here's my bow of respect to Matzusaka - San, for a complete game last night! Way to go, Dice-K, great to see such command! 8.5 UP in the standings today, whaaaa- hoo!

Lots of talk today on the radio and blogs about Tito's decision to leave Dice-K in in the 9th. My opinion, is that Tito is probably thinking that we have a long stretch here, without a day off. With Tavarez coming up tomorrow, Tito probably expects to utilize the bullpen, and they need to be ready. So in this regard, I think its great that Tito chose to let Dice-K finish up the game, and give the bullpen some rest. Especially since #18 was so terrific. Dice-K is a young guy who throws much more frequently than traditional starting pitchers' regiments anyway. If it had been Curt or Wake, I would expect someone would have been brought in. Dice's still adjusting to his new schedule, different training programs, etc. etc. I don't see the harm in this now and then, with their schedule in the next 1-1/2 weeks as busy as it is.


Hey for anyone out there, who might be going to Fenway this year, who happened to buy their tickets using MASTERCARD, if you got the Grand Slam Ticket coupon for 4 hot dogs and 4 drinks... BEWARE! The ticket can only be used at the concession stands behind home plate. And how do I know this, you ask? BECAUSE I WASTED A WHOLE INNING on Sunday, in 3 different concession lines, trying to get my kids some hot dogs! One vendor went so far as to give me 4 hot dogs, and then tell me I had to GIVE THEM BACK.
Huh? I told him, he couldn't sell the hot dogs to anyone now since I touched them, and that would be wasteful. And he told me I had to give them back anyway, even though he knew he was going to throw them out.
So if you are sitting out in the bleachers, and you're hungry, either give the Red Sox organization some more of your hard earned cash, or make sure you are wearing your good sneakers, because you have a long walk to get your $4 hot dog for free...

Just some friendly advice.

See that? I remember that I vented my mouth off about the price of a Fenway Frank hot dog in my blog last month, and it came back to bite my behind! GGGRRRRRRRHH!

talk to you tomorrow...

Monday, May 14, 2007

Those Pink Bats weren't HOT pink...

Red Sox hitting certainly wasn't very hot, for innings 1-8.

My son's face in the crowd says it all. Here is the mood of the stadium through the first 8 innings:

Then inning 9:

Being in the stands for the ninth inning was electrifying. To be down -6 whole runs, bottom of the ninth, and to come back and WIN? When Coco hit the popup, and their catcher Hernandez dropped it, Fenway woke up. The Orioles manager should have never made a pitching change. Then comes a walk to Drew and Youk, and Tek's hits a beauty of a double. The momentum was there, and well, by the time Lugo came up to bat, you know what happens next: Lugo hits a grounder to Kevin Millar, who tosses to reliever Ray at first, Who DROPS THE BALL.
All hell broke loose on Yawkee Way. What a great Mother's Day. To see the look on my oldest son's face when he witnessed that comeback. The best Mother's Day gift for me was the jubilation on his face. Almost as priceless as the look of horror on my brother's face.
See, my brother is an avid Yankees fan, who joined us with the extra ticket that we had. I think overall, he had a great time with the family, until that ninth inning. As the entire stadium exploded, people jumping, screaming, hugging, everywhere....
My poor brother just stood there, staring at the field and shaking his head. There were no words. Such is the luck of the '07 Yankees.
I have a few more stories of our first visit to Fenway, which I will blog this week, including my tale of the $4 fenway frank, the running on the field that never happened, and the Angel in Section 26.
Talk to you again soon!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Take me Out to the Ballgame...

So psyched to go to tomorrow's game, I'm like a giddy, little kid for god's sake!!

Just checked, and its gonna be mostly sunny, temps around 60 degrees. Yee-haa! They also announced that after the game, they are allowing moms to go onto the field, so they can run the bases with their kids. I am so pumped! How fun to have my 5 and 3 year olds slide into home plate, what a cool photo op this will be. The question is, if my husband will be able to talk HIS mom into going onto the field, so HE can run those bases too. After all, we are taking his mom also, why can't he go there with her as well?


He is still her kid, so I don't see why not... What a riot this will be ! My sister will be there with her boys too, even the little Yankee fan is looking forward to the trip, believe it or not. Of course he will be getting his fair share of ribbing, I keep telling him I want to show him how a real team wins, and that is why we're taking him to Fenway. He's a great sport about it, what a super, and special nephew I have...

Just hoping our Beloved Sox take today's momentum, coming off a 13-4 win, and bring it again to the stadium tomorrow. Beckett is looking for win #8, and I would LOVE to be there to see it happen.

Ya Can't Win, If you Don't Get 'em to Score

This was a frustrating loss, 6-3, last night against Baltimore...

13 stranded baserunners

bases loaded two times. You can't win a game, if you can't figure out how to get those baserunners to score.

My pal Julian had an OK night, but was less than great, that is for sure. 5 runs, 10 hits, lasting only 5 innings. ERA has gone up now to 6.60. He's a lame duck, poor guy. He is aware that eventually Lester will be back, and he will be moved to the pen. For all the things I have said about this guy, and how I hold my breath whenever he is on the mound, I have to give it to him, that he has taken this role professionally. He realizes that he will be moving around, and his pitching status is never guaranteed. Yet he shows up ready to go, every day. Julian certainly didnt get much help from Willie Mo Pena.

When Jay Gibbons lined out to Pena, when the score was 2 - 2, Pena dropped the ball, resulting in the Orioles taking the lead by 5ths end at 5 -2. Good defensive outfielder, eh?

So, this morning we still hold a 6 game lead over Baltimore,, 6.5 over the Yanks. I will be honest, the lead is never enough for me. This 10 game home stretch is important. It should be an opportunity to pull away. We certainly have the talent. Rally caps on please!

Let's see what our $40 million outfield can do the rest of this weekend! Maybe Drew will start to climb out of his slump. Currently 9 for 57 in the last 15 games. Coco's average is only .236. Everyone keeps saying that Manny will come along. So far, he has climbed up to .252, maybe the warmer weather will finally make the difference in his swing, and we will see the .300 Manny we all know.

My mother's Day gift this year is a trip with the family to Fenway. Whooo-hoo! Doesn't look like rain this time! I am interested to see all the new changes to the park that I have read about. Maybe I will pick up one of those Dice-K headbands. Rem Dawg and Don were sporting them the other night. Should I get a black one or a white one? We'll see which one looks better with that Mother's Day corsage...

See you at the park tomorrrow!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

All in the Groove

Last night's 9-3 victory was a nice summary of the current state of Red Sox Nation...

Leading up to last night, Dice-K's previous 3 starts were less than outstanding, even though we went 2-0. His last game he gave up 7 runs in 5 innings against Seattle.

Last night, it appeared that progress has been made with his control issues.

1 run, 5 hits, 8 strike outs over 7 innings. We all kept waiting for that 1 inning where he would break down and lose it; it never happened. Yeah! Could it be that he is finally figuring out how it works here in the States?

The icing came in the form of offense behind him. Ortiz 4-5 with a homer and 3 RBIs, Manny with his 53rd homer against Toronto, Dustin Pedroia going 2 for 4, 5 RBIs now 10 for 17 in his last 5 games, Lugo stepping up with hisown 2 run HR, 3 RBIs, Mr. Double Mike Lowell adding his own HR, 3 hits total in the mix.

It just seems that, for these '07 Sox, so far they have figured out how to adjust and adapt and work together to get the job done. Seems that everyday there is some distraction, usually surrounding a quote that Schilling has made, it seems!) yet, it doesn't seem to faze anyone. Its refreshing that we aren't seeing it be Manny and Papi the only guys every day who are stepping it up. Lowell has been an offensive dynamite, Youk (when he isnt getting hit by a pitcher!) has been very consistent as well. You get the sense that, whenever one guy is slumping someone else out of nowhere is stepping up. Dustin, Lugo, and Coco are good examples of this.

Depth is crucial, as we all know as the weeks go on, these guys will be having their share of bumps and bruises. Knowing that Manny or Drew can take a day off, and we are still able to win games, is super.


Tonite Wake is taking the mound against Toronto in the Rogers Centre. Word out there, is the Wake's knuckleball has greater effect indoors in a dome arena, than outdoors. Of course there is no scientific explanation, but he is usually SOLID in a dome enviroment, as we have seen in his last 2 starts in Toronto and Minnesota. You would think that luck is on our side, as The weather report (as of 2PM this afternoon) is calling for rain, which means the retractable roof SHOULD be closed. Not if Blue Jays GM has his way.

I've been to the Dome twice. The first time it was cloudy, and the roof was closed, no rain. The second time, it was sunny, and open.

Unless there is a torrential downpour, the GM is keeping the roof open. It's all about taking whatever advantage they can.

Heck, if I was 9.5 games back this early in the year, and just found out that BJ Ryan is done for the year with Tommy John surgery, I'd be taking whatever advantages I could too!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Rocket in Da Bronx

This is what the New York Post wrote as their headline when Roger Clemens decided to Unretire, and go to Houston back in January, 04:
Funny how time makes people forget the past....
I, too, once loved this guy. Who wouldn't? He's a hall of fame lock-in. Dominated for many many years. But he isn't the same guy from 5-10 years ago, sorry to say. He is being painted as the savior that will bring the Championship back to the Bronx, but in my opinion, it doesnt add up.
My take on all of this is this: My feeling is that Rocket may be an improvement to the Yankee staff, but he isn't the solution. Rocket is One less reason for Torre to bring up the next pitcher de jour from AA and AAA. We all remember how horrible it was, 2nd half last year when it seemed everyone was either hurt, or had heart issues, or cancer on the Red Sox. We had to do that, and we got creamed.
But look at the facts...
1. Rocket averaged fewer than six innings per start in '06. Remember that this is while pitching against National League teams, without a DH. The Yankees are having a big problem right now with starters having depth, and relief pitchers blowing leads and saves. Getting a star who won't get them to the end, is not the answer. Having 5-6 good innings, and handing the torch over to someone else isn't being a savior. They haven't solved anything this way. Just spent $4.5 million a month to get to the 5-6 inning every 5th day. So what? What will that equate to... 10 wins, maybe?
2. ERA will not be in the 2.3 ish range that it was in Houston. His time in Houston against NL teams it averaged 2.38. But look at this average ERA during the 5 yrs in NY: 4.014. And add 4-8 more years of wear and tear on his body since those last NY numbers.
It does not bother me that we didn't get him. I dont think he and Schill would have been able to share the leadership role well together, and the clubhouse chemistry would not be the same. Mostly, though I think the Yankees are foolish to spend that amount of money for a 44 year old guy. Didn't they just cut ties with another aging superstar in the big Unit Johnson? He was supposed to be a hero, too. Look where it got him, on the DL and right outta da Bronx. Kudos to Clemens for milking them for all that he got. I read that if he pitches the same # of pitches as his did last year, it means he will make $8888 per pitch. Ridiculous.
Life is good on our side of the fence. The grass is not always greener on the other side, as much as they would like us to think it is.
As of Sunday, we have the second-best overall staff ERA in the American League at 3.34, with its relievers ranked first (2.28) and its starters third (3.78). We are currently 6 games up on the Yankees, and 7.5 on Toronto.
I'll stay over here, thanks. Good luck tonite, Beckett, here's to #7.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Back from the South

Sorry that I have not posted since Wednesday; was lucky enough to get a little RnR with my husband, and have been in Central FL. We cashed in every favor we had, no kids for a 4 day trip. My Golf games were very humbling, having donated more than a few sleeves of Titleist's finest to Central Florida's waterways and alligator infested wetlands... but a bad day on the golf course still beats a good day of work.

I have to say that Red Sox Nation is alive and well in Florida. Was very easy for us to catch the Sox game each night, what a great surprise. Even though the basketball playoffs are on, each night we went to a sports bar, there were Sox fans who requested that NESN be on the big screen. Big thanks to the folks at Fridays Front Row and Buffalo Wild Wings, who made sure we all had good seats to watch the game, and cold Sam Adams available whenever ready. Who knew that I could go to FL and watch Beckett win his 6th game on a 120" plasma? It was the next best thing to being at the park, for sure.

Everywhere we went, at least one person would say hello, and acknowledge my "B" on my cap, or my Red Sox towel, or the Red Sox shirt my husband happened to be wearing, and tell me what a huge fan they were as well. From the Concierge at the Marriott, to the lady at the pool, to the waitress at the Appleby's in Kissimmee, to the guy next to me at the driving range... I felt like I never left New England. Except for the fact that it was 90 degrees, of course. No surprise that people all seemed pretty optimistic about the '07 season, having started out so strong. The consensus on Dice-K, from those that I met, is that no one really expected to be an 18 win starter right away, that he needs to learn the MLB strikezone, and it will take time. Next year he will be better. As one lady put it, "He needs to take his lumps, just like Beckett did last year, and then he will come back again in '08 stronger."

We did meet one Yankee fan, a cowboy originally from Syracuse NY. Real sweetheart, what a riot he was. Hopefully I can figure out how to download all my pictures off of our new camera, and I will post a few shots. The one of him and I next to the 120" plasma with Jason Varitek, I hope has come out OK. I will get back to you on that.

Word is out that Clemens has gone to the Dark Side once again... I will save that story for tomorrow's blog. For today, just know that 1. Yankees throwing insane amounts of cash to him shouldn't be a big surprise, folks 2. 44 is not the number on his back, it is how old he is.

44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 need I say more?

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Can't be Perfect Forever...

This picture says it all...

The entire world thought the game last night was in the bag. Okijima held up again, and Pap in the 9th always = a save.

The Rookie Travis Buck was last night's hero, leaving Red Sox Nation stunned, and Curt Schilling with a no decision.

Cheer up, Jonathan. It's only 33 pitches. Even the best sportcars out there need a tuneup now and then.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A Matter of Perspective

My sincerest condolences go out to the family, friends and teammates of Josh Hancock, relief pitcher of the St. Louis Cardinals, who died Sunday in a car crash. Josh was drafted by the Red Sox back in 1998, and was part of the 2002 trade that got us Jeremy Giambi.

Untimely passings such as Josh's remind me that baseball is just a game. It is very easy to get caught up in the big rivalry. We find ourselves rooting for our favorite baseball heroes, and putting them up on huge pedistals. These guys get the big money, have nice cars, beautiful homes, expensive toys. We make them out to be larger than life, teflon coated untouchables. Its part of what makes watching their games so much fun.

But in the end, sports figures are just human beings like the rest of us. They live, they hurt, they cry, they even make bad choices from time to time. And they die too. Sometimes way, way too early.


So, once again, the Sox come out of the gate with a successful April, this time going 16-8, the best lead in franchise history. This start is despite the fact that Manny has struggled, and players like Coco and Pedroia still have inconsistent offense.

The big story has been the Red Sox pitching. Wow, who knew that other acquisition from Japan was going to be so effective? Okijama has been nothing short of spectacular. In 12 outings he has only allowed 3 hits. Its been a great confidence boost having him be a regular setup guy, and on days where Papelbon needs the day off to rest, Okijama is a great choice to fill in. Papelbon has continued this year, right where he left off. LIGHTS OUT. What a one two punch at the end of a game. Our starters are consistently going deeper into games, so the bullpen is rested and ready to go. Beckett's got a few new pitches this year, which has helped him be more effective as well. Dice-K has had some struggles, but when the run support is there, he can be successful.

Offense has been streaky, but the good news is that its seems more people are contributing. This isnt a team that is going to always rely on Manny and Papi to get it done. There is some decent depth this year, with the additions of Lugo, and Drew. And at least in April, we have a confident and strong off the bench guy in Alex Cora. He's currently batting over .300. Putting Cora in late in a game doesnt mean the 3rd out, this guy has been great.

The key so far is that the Sox have been solid. May will bring some challenge, as we will face the likes of Cleveland, Atlanta, Toronto this month. Also there will be 3 more games in the Bronx, which is always good fun.

So keep up the good work, guys. Stay healthy and consistent. Red Sox Nation is a great world to live in right now. Our rivals across the state lines keep reminding us that the inevitable Sox slide is coming after the All Star break. Let's prove em all wrong this year, can't we?