Saturday, April 7, 2007

Welcome Matzusaka San !

Originally written Thursday April 5th...

I dont know about you, but I think Red Sox Nation gave one HUGH sigh of relief Thursday afternoon. "Attention all shoppers... The Dice-K bandwagon is about to roll down the road, make sure you go to your local sports store to buy your overpriced Matzuzaka t-shirt, written in Japanese! The $103 million dollar man has arrived..."

Alright, I know its only one game, but I honestly did not think he was going to live up to the hype, at least not this early. 10 Ks in his debut. You just don't see that with a rookie very often, maybe a couple times a decade if you're lucky. When he started to struggle, the sixth inning was a good opportunity to see if he had the toughness it takes to be an ace in the American League. After that homer and couple of singles, I was afraid we would see Donnelly warming up in the pen. But Dice-K adjusted in the 7th, striking out Shealy and Glode, and getting Buck to fly out, just like he is supposed to, yeah!!!

OK, OK, I know its just the Kansas City Royals; the Royals are very young and lack experience. But I will take the overrun of media, the gyroball, the interpreters... today I really liked what I saw.


monstahunta said...

Matzusaka is the future ACE of this orginaization. If Beckett can remain a strong #2, by developing a few more pitches (a change-up would be nice), the Red Sox could be looking at the kind of pitching dominance they enjoyed in 2004 with Pedro and that guy with the bloody sock. I'm predicting 17 wins from the new import, should he remain healthy all year.

soxnationgirl said...

I agree, I dont think the Dice man will be a 20 game winner this year, but he should be close to it