Sunday, April 29, 2007

We Can't Win them All...

But it sure would be nice, wouldn't it?!?!?

The Yankees finally snap the losing streak Saturday, but continute to get banged up. Karstens now with a broken bone... on the first pitch to Lugo? Ouch! Another pitcher down. Reminicent of our woes from last season. Remember David Well's first outing back after his stint on the DL with knee issues? BAM! Line drive right to the knee that just got repaired. The Nation held its breath while Wells rolled around the pitcher's mound on his back, screaming in pain.

Lots of grumblings out of NY that maybe Torre's head is on the block right now. I don't understand that. The manager can only work with the talent he's been given. Shouldn't the blame go to the guy who spends Steinbrenner's money? Why is Cashman getting a free pass in NY? It's his job to buy the talent, and Torre's job to utilize them the best way that he can. Outside of Pettitte, I don't see where Cashman improved anything from a pitching standpoint for them.

But enough about the other guys...
What is up with the Red Sox and their inability to give Wakefield run support? Yesterday certainly wasn't Wake's best outing; the six walks he gave up certainly came back to haunt him, especially once Posada came up to the plate. But this poor guy Wakefield can't catch a break. David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez and J.D. Drew -- went a combined 0-for-9 in the Bronx. The Sox bats seem to be hot on every day except when Wake is on the mound. It's very frustrating, that the Sox could only manage 1 run. Especially against Igawa. Igawa was just demoted to the bullpen because, despite the Yankee's pitching troubles, he couldn't cut it. Then in a pinch, he comes in and is very effective.

Well, we will wrap up Rivalry, Round Two tonite, with my favorite guy Tavarez on the mound. (yes, folks, that is sarcasm...) Maybe I'm being too hard on the guy. Afterall, he's the #5 guy so my expectations shouldn't be so high. I just can't help but hold my breath, whenever he steps up to the mound. He is a good guy, he is a team player and is willing to contribute wherever he is asked. But he's also a bit of a loose cannon. Plus, I must admit I am a huge Jon Lester supporter. Every day that goes by, is one step closer to Lester's return. And Lester's return is Tavarez' end as a starter.

So tonite I will watch the game, and bite my nails as always. Hopefully the loss last night was a heavy dose of motivation, so our bats will be strong once again and we can leave the Bronx 6.5 games up.

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