Friday, April 20, 2007

Sox Vs. Yanks, Take One

Oh yeah.... here we go, Red Sox, here we go! This is gonna be one heck of a weekend...

its been a beautiful day, and we head into a beautiful weekend of baseball, folks.

The Evil Empire is Coming to Town, let the RIVALRY resume.

I still love this picture... I think even more so these days because A-Rod is doing so darn well this month. AARRGGHH! My planet seems a bit mis-aligned, when A-Rod gets all the accolades, how about yours? Its just not supposed to happen.

I am changing his name to April-Rod. He has definitely earned it. But I am sure there are still many Yankee fans out there who still don't give 2 craps if he becomes




July-Rod, August-Rod and even September Rod. For them, all they care is that he is October-Rod. So far in his pin-striped career, that's all that counts, if he can't be Mr. Clutch in the post season, all the numbers won't mean squat, he'll still be a schmuck.

YEE HAA its gonna be a great weekend. Here is my little take on things:

Starting Pitching - no doubt, advantage SOX. Starting pitchers for us so far have been solid, with good command (minus one Schill outing), and have gone deep into the games. Schill, Beckett, and Dice-K this weekend, those Yanks still are injury plagued, we MUST take advantage of this.

Relievers - slight advantage, SOX. Only because our guys are more rested. Torre has had to utilize his guys earlier into games so far, we have been fortunate that we get to the late 6th, or 7th inning consistently. Having Papelbon as the anchor has taken pressure off of those new guys, who now aren't being thrown into the fire before they're ready. Farnsworth and Proctor are decent, don't get me wrong, but Torre has been known to burn out his relievers, we should try and capitalize on this.

Closer - EVEN. I greatly respect Mariano, he has been the source of many of my rants and swearing at the TV over the years. But Papelbon is equally dangerous, and he is the REAL DEAL.

Offense - slight advantage, YANKEES. Our bats are still hot one night, cold the next. Them Yanks, on paper, still have the best offense, I hate to admit. April-Rod is hot right now, and Posada's always done well against the Sox.

I agree with those out there, who say it is pitching that wins games in the long run, not big bats. So I see this weekend going 2-1, Red Sox.
For all you guys that have tickets for this weekend, have a great time, have a Sam Adams for me under the Budweiser sign. I'll be right here on the couch, lookin' for ya!

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