Saturday, April 14, 2007

Papelbon and the Mirabelli Miracle

Papelbon gets another huge debt of gratitude to me again... this is #2 in 2 opportunites.

We only needed 6 pitches from him this time.

Heat, heat, heat, heat, heat, heat and HEAT.

Wha? Was that 97 mph that last throw? Unbelievable. Is there anyone left out there outside Red Sox Nation that doesn't yet believe this guy is the Real Deal?

It is good to see Tito making good decisions so far in '07 with this bullpen. The notion that key times of the game are only in the 9th is just not true. This is the 2nd time that Papelbon coming in during the 8th inning was the right thing to do. I, like the rest of you in the Nation, keep last year's sore shoulder in the back of my mind. But bringing him in like this on 4 or 5 days rest, anticipating that he may come back for the 9th is OK with me. If he pitched the last 3 nights, then I'd be concerned. Lucky for us,
April showers = game delays = more rest for Pap's shoulder.
The only other thing I want to chew on today, is what I am labelling the "Mirabelli Miracle". We all know Doug is the backup catcher. We all know the Sox signed him, not for his bat, but because
no one else can catch a knuckleball as well as he.
When I see him up to bat, with 2 outs, I admit, that's when I go to the restroom, or check on the kids, or go get a snack, because in my mind, Mirabelli + 2 outs = end of the inning. (Same thing when Coco is up too, but I will save THAT rant for another posting...)
Hey, I accept Mirabelli for what he is. He complements Wakefield very well. And yesterday Mirabelli hit a home run at the right time of the game. It was the play that changed the game's momentum in our favor. That's great. Good for him. It's nice to spread it around, not always Papi and Manny being the game heroes. But all the post game shows out there, quickly turned him into the 2nd coming of Christ. Ugh. Please.
Just like when he got resigned last year. Flying him in on a jet plane and having police escorts, so he can run in just in the nick of time to face the Yankees. More publicity than Lady Di's funeral. PLEASE! HE PLAYS EVERY 5th GAME!
It just another reason why they call it a media "circus". Today, you hit an HR, you're the hero. Tomorrow, go 0-4 and you go back to bum.

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