Sunday, April 8, 2007

No panic coming from my corner

After Saturday's baseball day, some Red Sox followers might think that its events marked the beginning of the end of the world... just look at what Easter Eve brought to the Nation...

- Tavares was terrible... just as I feared
- The bullpen never showed up, mostly due to J.C. Romero in the 6th
- Big Papi continued to fail at the plate
- A-Rod hit a walk off grand slam to come from behind and win, and go from Thursday's bum, to Saturday's hero. (This is the one that is hardest to swallow for me, watching all the Yankee fans cheering for the guy that they usually want to kill.)

Hey guys, let's all calm down, it's only week one.

Tavares' outing shouldn't be a HUGE shock to anyone; he is either lights out or shut the lights off 'cause I can't look at the car wreck. Unfortunately, he totalled the car last night.

The bullpen is the area everyone has been concerned about since last year, so why are we so shocked? Just because the previous 2 games were lights out? No one has played enough games to use for an accurate measuring stick. Hopefully with Timlin's return soon, there will be some stability in the pen, and things will get better, let's give it some time.

As far as Papi goes, I don't think its time to start booing him. I certainly give him a pass right now; the past has shown he usually takes about 10+ games or so to find his groove, so why would '07 be so different? He's been around the game enough that most teams now do that "pull hitter" shift to right field, so he has to constantly place the ball opposite field to get on base. This, in itself is an adjustment.

Also keep in mind that, once again, the Sox office shuffled the staff. There is new blood at second, short, right, and center has Coco trying to find his groove again. We can't forget that the arrival of Dice-K has changed the dynamics of this team as well. All these guys need to figure out how to play together as a team. That won't happen in a week.

I'm not making excuses. And I shouldn't. I question things like why Tito left Romero out there for 5 batters.

All I am saying is don't panic, just because Tampa Bay, of all teams, is now at the top of the AL East with that other team West of the CT border. Don't forget about '06, we had a great stretch early in the season, enjoying all the glories of 1st place standings prior to the All Star Break. And then all hell broke loose, and look where we ended up.

So instead, I will retire my Red Sox thoughts for the rest of the day. Today is Easter, a time to celebrate a new beginning, and count my blessings instead of how many hits in a row J.C. Romero gave up in the 6th last night. Besides, my number of blessings is a much higher number than 5.

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