Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lots of a Little to Say Today

No real big stories from Red Sox Nation today, but a few things to talk about just the same...

(thanks for more great pix from the Boston Dirt Dogs website...)

First, did you hear the big story out of Baltimore today?

Orioles broadcaster Gary Thorne said Schilling painted his sock blood colored red as a PR stunt prior to Game 6 of the 2004 American League Championship Series. He then added that his source was Dougie Mirabelli. Wow, there really mustn't be much going on in the booth down in Camden Yards, if that's all that Mr. Thorne can come up with to discuss. PPPLLLEEEAAASE. Does that ankle on the left look like a fake to you? Ouch. I don't think so!!!


I found a quote in the NY Daily News today in an article written by Filip Bondy. Its a quote from Reggie Jackson that really irked me... read it for yourself:

For some perspective on April, you go to Mr. October.
"There's no question, the games don't count as much," Reggie Jackson is saying in the Yankee clubhouse. "In April and May, it's just one game. In September and October, you beat a team, those games count double."

HUH??? Games don't count now, but they count double in September and October? WHAT?? I didnt realize you get extra points for winning later in the season... Sorry if I sound sarcastic, but maybe Mr. October should go back to elementary school and TAKE A FEW MATH CLASSES. I don't remember Bud Selig putting in a clause stating that you get extra credit when you win at the end of the season. Sorry, Reggie, but if the Yankees miss making the playoffs this year by one or two games, they can most definitely be reminded that the games they lost in April COUNTED. Arrrggghh! That kind of arrogance really ticks me off.


Finally, more good news on the Jon Lester front. He's been moved up to Pawtucket to continue his rehab there. More good news is that yesterday's rainout means that he is pitching Friday nite for the PawSox. So I can either watch Red Sox Yankees on TV or the family can take a little road trip to see Lester in person, hopefully for 5-6 innings. McCoy is a great place to scope out the prospects, and see a rehab stint like Lesters. So if you dont have tix in the Bronx and you aren't planning to see the Defenders tomorrow, consider giving a shout out to Lester in RI...

Good luck tonite Beckett... we're rooting for win #5...

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