Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I wish we could put about 8 of today's runs in a jar, and shelf them to use for a future Red Sox outing, wouldn't that be great? The next time we get into a jam, and we are down by 2 or 3 runs, just have Tito go over to the shelf and grab a few, like jelly beans, and make it all better.

Wishful thinking, that's all.

Nothing is better than Opening Day at Fenway. Today's is certainly one that will be long remembered. Big big win, Timlin (tho' he struggled), is back, JD Drew is still productive and healthy, Harry Connick, Jr singing the national anthem.... oh yeah, great way to lure in us 30-something girls! It was Great to see Yaz out there, and Rico P. and the rest of the '67 Sox. As I sit here and look at my husband's Red Sox Nation membership card, here on our desk, I realize that those are the guys that brought New England back to the Sox. Few people gave 2 craps about the Sox, until that '67 season. Ever see the footage of Fenway? Maybe 5,000 people in the whole darn place prior to that miracle run. That pennant win introduced a whole new group to the Nation; who would have imagined its evolution to today, a franchise embraced worldwide.

It doesn't mean I don't have anything negative to say...

I don't know if you saw the press release from the Red Sox website, but Larry Lucchino was very proud to announce that food and beverage prices will not be increased this year at the ballpark.

Whoopdi - doo.

It costs $140 per seat to be in the 3rd row of the monster seats. My lowly Grandstand seat for this Sunday's game to go with my 3 girlfriends is $45.00. Do you really think it matters, Larry, that my FENWAY FRANK is still $4.00???? Do you REALLY think I am grateful to you?

C'mon! Going to Fenway is like going to BJs Warehouse... you CAN'T go in there and exit without spending anything less than $100.00!!

Larry, if you really want "to protect the ballpark experience for children and families", how about cutting back on the ticket prices once in awhile? Have a $10 day for kids, or something like that. Don't try to spin it like you are doing us a favor, when your ticket prices are like the highest in MLB. I'd rather be a patron at a restaurant outside the park before or after the game. At least this way, for that price get a decent, sit down, satisfying meal.

Sorry, Larry... nice try but I'm NOT BUYING IT.

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