Monday, April 23, 2007

Historical, Yes. Pretty? Not Really.

Many thanks to (BDD Photo Illustration / Keith Monahan) from the Boston Dirt Dogs website for today's picture:

While those of us in Red Sox Nation woke up feeling pretty good today after this weekend's big sweep, I am sure those in Yankee Country are just downright frustrated.

1. Dice-K was not overly impressive, I admit, yet he still got the win.

2. The Boston Bats outhit the Yankee bats yet again.

3. More minor injuries, to the point that emergency catcher Josh Phelps was brought in.

4. Continued bullpen fatigue, due to Torre's use and use and use (70 2/3 innings so far this year).

Oh yeah, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention the historic 4 homers in a row thing. Back, to back, to back, to back.

Manny, JD Drew, Mike Lowell, and Capt. Varitek.

You can't help but feel for Chase Wright, their pitcher. That has got to deflate a rookie, to have to endure a pounding like that. Why Torre didn't pull Wright after homer #2, it's one of those Monday quarterback discussions. I know if Tito had kept one of ours in through 4 straight home runs, we'd all be looking for his head. Hopefully for Wright's sake, the rookie can manage his way past it, because if it sticks in his head, it could hurt him for a long, long time.

As a Red Sox fan, it thrills me that we now have a 4 game lead over the Yankees. Just like a bunch of dirt dogs; it was a gritty battle, a prize fight. We didn't dominate, but we pulled it together when we needed it. Not just on Papi's shoulders, either. A win is a win, even in April. I will take them any way we can get them. Its great to see we capitalized right now, because eventually all these hurt Yankees will be back. Chen Ming Wang is expected back tomorrow, and Mussina is right down the road. You know their focus will be to try and stop the bleeding of the blue blood in the Bronx.

Countdown - 4 days until Round Two, only this time our matchup will be on their turf. If the schedule stays the same, it will be Matzusaka vs. Wright again this coming Friday. For now, I will savor this weekend's events. As I said before, when the Sox play the Yanks, you just never know what will happen. That's why its always so much fun to watch.

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