Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dice Man Cometh, Hernandez Taketh Away

Wednesday's Results: Seattle 3, Boston 0

Matsuzaka actually pitched a decent game in tonite's 3-0 loss to the Mariners. The problem, which will be Thursday's big story, is just that Felix Hernandez pitched even better.

Wow, where on earth did this Hernandez guy come from? 21 years old, pitches a complete game, a one-hitter, and has his second shutout game in a row. Are we sure he isn't one of our former prospects that Theo dealt away in 2005 or something?

Well, the Nation can at least say that Dice-K accomplished something out there. All the hype over the last few days had nothing to do with anything other than one event:

One Red Sox pitcher, and one Seattle right fielder facing off in MLB.

Tonite was the big matchup: Dice-K vs. Ichiro. Its been so over dramatized, I kept waiting for 2 rock em' sock em' robots to come marching out to the plate and start beating each other, like some dumb B rated Godzilla movie.

Well, the matchup is over, and the final results are in... (here is where you hear the drumroll)..................................

Dice-K 4, Ichiro 0 hits

Ichiro did get on base his last time up, as he hit into a force play that got him on first base. Sorry folks, a scorekeeper doesn't count it as a hit, so no blemish to report on that up to bat.

So, for now Fenway's newest Monster, fondly referred to in Japan as "Kaibutsu", has taken Round One of the Far East Showdown.

For you non Japanese speaking folks, that monster word is pronounced "Kah-ee-booo-tsooo")

Hopefully Hideki Matsui will be off the DL in about 10 days or so, so we can continue the battle of the big Eastern Monsters. The Yankees are coming to town in a couple of weeks, so be prepared Sox Nation, as the hype rears its ugly head all over again.

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