Sunday, April 15, 2007

9:57 AM April Showers Bring... nothing

AARRGHH!!!! Another rain delay!

The good news is that my friend and I bought these really cool Red Sox ponchos this morning, to protect us from the elements at Fenway Park... the bad news is that they are still in their original packaging; we never did need them today.

Yes, its true. 3 of us got up early and started our road trip to the Holy Land on Yawkee Way. Even though in our hearts we all knew on Saturday that today's game was going to be cancelled. We've been checking the weather forecasts for the last 48 hours, and there was NO WAY this nor'easter was going to miss Boston.

But it was that minor glimmer of hope, MAYBE just maybe there would be a sudden shift in a jet stream or something. Get there early and be lucky enough to get invited onto the warning track for closeup pictures of our favorite players. Be a part of the celebration of Jackie Robinson. Just a girls day out, sipping the best beer in America (my Sammy Adams), and yes, buying one of those $4 Fenway Franks, just because they're there.

On our way out the door, my loving husband offered me his snorkle gear, in case I needed it; how sweet of him. He's just smug because he spent Saturday with his buddy on the first base side of Fenway. He did remark that it was pretty windy and cold watching that awesome 8-0 win. Sorry buddy, I have a hard time having much sympathy, since my first attempt at the Fenway experience in '07 has been marred by something close to a freakin' hurricane!

By 9:57 AM our journey had ended. It was announced the game was officially postponed. Just as we approached the "Welcome to Massachusetts" sign on I-95, hope was gone.

No worries. Why not go shopping instead? Afterall, its all about good friends and good fun. Besides, the good thing about Major League Baseball, is that when there is a rainout, it's always rescheduled. So I have put away that really cool Red Sox poncho. The Angels will be back in mid August. And so will we.

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