Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hall of Shame, from

as taken from

Here's a list of most of the names Major League Baseball players listed in the Mitchell Report.

The following players were connected to steroids, either use or possession, in the report:

Lenny Dykstra David Segui Larry Bigbie Brian Roberts Jack Cust Tim Laker Josias Manzanillo Todd Hundley Mark Carreon Hal Morris Matt Franco Rondell White Andy Pettitte Roger Clemens Chuck Knoblauch Jason Grimsley Gregg Zaun David Justice F.P. Santangelo Glenallen Hill Mo Vaughn Denny Neagle Ron Villone Ryan Franklin Chris Donnels Todd Williams Phil Hiatt Todd Pratt Kevin Young Mike Lansing Cody McKay Kent Mercker Adam Piatt Miguel Tejada Jason Christiansen Mike Stanton Stephen Randolph Jerry Hairston Paul Lo Duca Adam Riggs Bart Miadich Fernando Vina Kevin Brown Eric Gagne Mike Bell Matt Herges Gary Bennett Jim Parque Brendan Donnelly Chad Allen Jeff Williams Exavier "Nook" Logan Howie Clark Paxton Crawford Ken Caminiti Rafael Palmeiro Luis Perez Derrick Turnbow Ricky Bones Ricky Stone

The following players were cited under "Alleged Internet Purchases of Performance Enhancing Substances By Players in Major League Baseball."

Rick Ankiel David Bell Paul Byrd Jose Canseco Jay Gibbons Troy Glaus Jason Grimsley Jose Guillen Darren Holmes Gary Matthews Jr. John Rocker Scott Schoeneweis Ismael Valdez Matt Williams Steve Woodard

The following players were linked through BALCO:

Benito Santiago Gary Sheffield Randy Velarde Jason Giambi Jeremy Giambi Bobby Estalella Barry Bonds Marvin Benard

Say it Ain't So, Geo...

The Mitchell report is due out in a few hours...

rumor has it that there are 60-80 current and former players named in the report, some of whom are MVPs, All Stars, and Cy Young winners... all with ties to steroid and HGH purchases, deliveries, and injections...

Sounds like every team in MLB will have someone named.

WHAT A SAD DAY IN BASEBALL... I will wait until the report is out, read what I can of it, and then give you my take.

until then, we wonder... who on the Red Sox will be named? I betcha we will be shocked...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Yeah! It's Official! Iron Mike is BACK

Red Sox Nation can finally
breathe a sigh of relief...
Our Man, Iron Mike, MVP
has all but signed a deal with a little
blue pen.
Looks to be 3 years, $37.5 million. Sounds like once A-Rod went fishing back to the Yankees
and a deal between them became imminent, talks with the Yankees disappeared, and Theo's offer became the best one out there for Lowell.
The Sox gave Mikey a Monday deadline for this offer, and he took it.
I am really, really psyched.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Thou Shalt not Lie... or ye Shall be Indicted

So at the end of the day, it isn't the Steroids themselves that
will destroy Barry Bonds... its a fundamental thing that we
all are taught as young children... don't lie.
Don't lie to the Government... that is a biggie. Because eventually,
someday, someway, Big brother will figure it all out and you
will be indicted.
For Barry, it's 5 counts of perjury and obstruction of justice. So
maybe, just maybe, there is enough out on the table against him,
that Bonds will finally just go away from the game of
baseball, and just leave us all alone? Please?

The other big news... A-Rod will be going back to the Yankees.

10 years, $275 million.

2 weeks ago, Yankee fans everywhere hated him (again.) Today, at least for now, he once again their hero. Ugh. I know his bat in the regular season is what makes this guy among the best players of my lifetime. But I must admit, I am thrilled we can't pursue him any longer. I didn't want him in a Red Sox uniform in '08, or for the next 10 years for that matter. Now I have one less thing to worry about. A lot can happen in 10 years. 10 years is obscene. They better hope this guy is never plagued with injuries, because this is a long time to pay a lot of money.

More later...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Kevin Youk recent Fundraiser at Mohegan Sun

I didn't have the $500 necessary for a sole ticket to this benefit dinner, "Crackin' It Up", unfortunately. But just knowing my guys were right in my neighborhood, almost within touching reach... Aarrgh! so close, yet so, so far.

Here is an article, regarding the comedy and angst during the fundraiser dinner, held Saturday night as a kickoff for Kevin Youkilis' charity, "Hits for Kids", held at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT

wow, from what I can tell by this dialogue, even our favority baseball players live on Venus, while we ladies are on Mars, eh?

You can learn more about Kevin's newest fundraiser, by going to:

now what is going on with Mikey Lowell?

I don't like how this looks...

(taken from

The rumors out there are KILLIN' me, I am not afraid to tell you. But if Theo and the Gang think that Lowell is too old for a deal greater than 3 years, why on EARTH would you even consider this guy for 10? Remember, he is only 1 year younger than Iron Mikey.

If we aren't going to get it done to keep Lowell, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we stay away from this cancer?

It will make me physically ill, to see this guy in a Red Sox uniform. He is a tremendous individual ballplayer who, from my corner of Red Sox Nation, shows no appearance that he gives a crap about anyone else around him. I don't want a player like this. We've got enough dramas with all the Manny bein' Manny stuff, the last we need is a self-centered, egomaniac who will bring ZERO TEAM CHEMISTRY to the table. FOR THE NEXT 10 YEARS TO BOOT!

Hello! Name ONE YANKEE PLAYER that has publically come out in A-Rod's defense, since Boras' leak during Game 4 of the WS. I can name at least 5 Sox players, who have publically stated they want Lowell to come back. But Not one Yankee. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

I don't care if A-Rod will someday surpass all the hitting records. Me smells a rat, I tell ya.

PEDROIA the DESTROIA... Rookie of the Year

Congrats to Dustin Pedroia, 2007 AL Rookie of the Year

And, of course... while we celebrate our favorite Rookie...
Today is a day
to remember our Veterans, as well.
Fun irony, isn't it???

Happy Veterans Day!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Are We Being Spin-Doctor-ed?

Reports are coming from the Sox camp that Theo has made a "strong" offer to our MVP, Iron Mike Lowell. Sounds like 3 years, in the neighborhood of $12-15 million/yr.

While I admit, that seems like a pretty good offer, and I LOVE MIKE AND WANT HIM BACK, I have a feeling that this may not be strong enough. Mike is a smart guy, and I am sure he believes he can get a 4th guaranteed year, or even a 5th, from someone else. Maybe even from those DA*M Yankees. This is likely the last long term contract that Lowell will be negotiating, and from a business standpoint, he'd be silly not to at least entertain other options.

I just get the feeling that the Red Sox are using buzz words in their press statements, like "strong", to give us all the impression that Theo and the Gang are doing their best. And then, if Mikey walks for a better contract, they can say they tried their hardest, in hopes of avoiding an inevitable mutiny. C'mon! In their hearts, the front office HAS to know that there are teams out there already that will be willing to give this guy 4 or 5 years. I'm no GM, but I can see this pretty clearly, can't you?

It's common knowledge that most ALL OF RED SOX NATION wants this guy back. His own teammates have publicly come out in support of resigning Lowell. I can only imagine the reactions from fans, should Lowell walk away. It will be like village men, chasing Shrek and Fiona with their pitchforks and torches, only instead of Shrek and Fiona, it will be Tito and John Henry.

I'm a die-hard Red Sox fan; as as such, like many of you, I get wwaaaaayyy too emotional about these guys. My heart screams out, "MIKE!! TAKE THE HOMETOWN DISCOUNT! YOU SAID YOU LOVE IT HERE... WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?"

But, I am also a realist. 4 or 5 years, as much as I love this guy, isn't a smart business decision for the Red Sox. It's only smart for Mike Lowell. Today, I feel the emotion of another World Series ring in hand, which causes me to wonder why you'd want to mess up the current mix of players. That's today. In 3 years, when Mikey is a little older, and his swing is a little slower, and his back and knees are a little more tender, having the extra 15-16 million for less production for an additional 1-2 years won't be so smart. No matter how good looking and nice I think he is over there at third base!

Hey, I could be wrong; maybe Mike will bite at the 3 year offer, and come back to Fenway. I've misjudged many things that have happened so far in this short off-season:

  • I cried like a baby when Schill left the mound in Game 2 of the WS. I was SURE it was his last time in Boston in a Red Sox uniform... I was Wrong.
  • I expected Torre back, and Cashman fired. I expected Mattingly in, and Joe Girardi a longshot... I was wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong on all 4 counts.

So hey, I could certainly be wrong again. Maybe. Let's hope I'm wrong, anyway!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pix to Pass time, while we Wait for the Mikes to Sign

I have been looking at lots of people's blogs over the last 2 weeks, and of all the pictures I have seen, this one, from Dirty Watah, is my favorite. Talk about calling the kettle black. I mean, it takes one to know one, eh? On the Dirty Watah blog, the caption simply read, "And so do you, Sir."

The rest of the pictures below are from my friend Amanda, whose son Morgan got interviewed by Hazel Mae. Thanks for giving these to me, Amanda. I hope your and Morgan's hands aren't too tired from signing all those autographs!

The crowd at City Hall was HUGE!

Here's Morgan, hammin' it up with Hazel
Dude, you have NO idea how many guys
out there would KILL to be in your spot
at that moment...

Tito, our wonderful leader

Wake, now signed, sealed and delivered.

I admit, I am getting a bit sick of the Dropkick
Murphys, and I DON'T think they
should get World Series Rings, but I still can't
help but smile when
Papelbon is in ANY photo.

Captain Jason, my hero.

Sorry it's not a better shot of our MVP
but give Morgan a break, he's only
12 years old, and besides, he just got
touched by Hazel Mae... wouldn't that
make your hands a bit shaky????

I can't get enough of the World Series
Champion signs.

Oh yeah, the newly posted 2007
Champion sign... looks SO GOOD!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rumor Has Truth to it... Curt is back

8 million base salary
another 2 million, weigh in incentives (to keep him honest with his weight)
3 million in innings pitched incentives
and... (yeah right) a 1 million bonus if he gets at least 1 Cy Young vote in 2008.
So at the worst, we will get a #4 or #5 starter for $8 million, or he will keep himself together, kick some butt and we will get the same Schill that we had in 2007.
Not too shabby! Glad to have you back again, Curt. Its all in your corner now! Take a look at this contract, in his own words, from the 38pitches blog, click the link below:
The best part is the last sentence of his blog entry. It's what's REALLY on all of our minds...

Rumor Has it....

(picture courtesy of Boston Herald)

That Curt Schilling will likely be back next season.
Things are still in the works, but according to
Curt, barring some crazy, unforeseen situation,
he and the Sox will come to agreement on a
1-year deal, allowing him to finish his career
with the Boston Red Sox.
Sounds like the terms will be an incentive
based program, though no details are
confirmed or available yet.
I think this is a good thing. There will be alot of youth
on this pitching staff, and a veteran like Schill
will be a good role model. And it's only a 1 year
deal anyway.
Hopefully, we will get some good information
regarding Mike Lowell today. It's been pretty
quiet regarding Lowell, which always makes me
nervous. The good news is that he
hasn't filed for free agency yet, so it can't
all be that bad, behind closed doors...
More later, as things develop...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Hot Stove News - John Farrell to return

Great, great news in Red Sox Nation today... it has been announced that John Farrell will be returning as Red Sox pitching coach next year.
Earlier this week, rumor had it that the Pittsburgh Pirates wanted him as their new manager. But he has since turned down their offer to interview, to stay here in Red Sox Nation.
YES! He isn't a good guy, he is a GREAT one. A bit overqualified, if you ask me. Afterall, he went from Director of Player Development in Cleveland, to Pitching Coach with us. I wonder what the string is, that is keeping him here. It has to be more than just Tito being a great guy and good friend to work with... Maybe the front office has bigger plans for him down the road?!?
So great to hear. Glad to keep you here, John.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Talk Show Tour Begins

Now that our Guys are celebrities, the Late Night Talk Show Tour begins...

Papelbon was on "The Late Show, With David Letterman" yesterday. It was a pretty funny interview. For those who couldn't manage to keep their eyes open last night, to watch it for yourself in real time, click on the link below, taken from

Yes, he did say he wouldn't mind if A-Rod played on the Red Sox, but the press has totally taken it out of context. He said it because then that way he wouldn't have to pitch to A-Rod anymore.

Nothing more should be made of that statement. Please.

Friday, Manny will be on "The Tonight Show, with Jay Leno". That ought to be pretty good. I have to say, other than the few Tina Cervasio post game interviews, I have never seen Manny have a sit down. I plan to watch it, as this is such a rare occurance.

Also on Friday after the Tonight Show, Big Papi will be a guest on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien". Conan is hysterical. It should make for a funny interview as well.

Man, and I thought the reason they held the Rally so soon, was so the guys could go HOME. Hmmm...

I hope to post my friend Amanda's Rally photos tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, but with Halloween happening, I had duties to attend to, and candy to collect.
You should see them tomorrow night. Thanks.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dan, Amanda and Morgan...15 minutes of Fame

It's a good thing that Dan and Amanda from my workplace got permission from their bosses ahead of time to go to today's Red Sox celebration... because they are now celebrities!

click on this link at, and under the video section, look at the video entitled, " Skipping School to Celebrate Title". Amanda and her son Morgan and Dan are interviewed for about 1:20 seconds.

Her son's sign said, "My mom is a real Sox fan, she let me skip school!"

Good for you guys, I am so psyched for you! Even Gordon Edes got in on the fun!

I tried to upload it into here myself, but I think I can't because it is NESN property... sorry guys, you have to click on this link, the old fashioned way!!!

So soon? Geez, you just got here!

NY Yankee radio personality John Sterling said it best:
"Well, Suzyn, they say all good things, unfortunately must come to an end."

Now that the Red Sox Parade has ended, and the fans have filed into their cars and jammed onto the Mass Pike, we have to wonder if the magic ride will soon come to an end for Curt Schilling.

Curt has made it very clear that he wants to play one more year, preferrably as a Red Sox. Theo made it very clear in April that he wouldn't make that commitment until he saw how Curt's year would pan out. And, with Curt being 40 years old, I really agreed with Theo on this one.

Had you asked me 2 months ago if I thought Curt would be back, I'd have said no. And maybe this is the emotional fan in me, but today I am hoping that they find a way to keep this guy around for another year.

C'mon, guys, its only 1 more year. Curt has redefined himself, you saw for yourself. He isn't a power pitcher anymore, he is one of those finesse guys now. It's all about control and location and ball movement now.
Sure, he's probably going to need some time off in the middle of the year to rest. But he might have 2-3 years like that left in him. Maybe they can find a way to offer him a contract that is incentive based on performance or something. He's a proven commodity in the postseason. Maybe he'll take a pay reduction?

I think that Curt sees some writing on a wall out there on Yawkey Way. On his blog, 38 pitches, his most recent entry is long, heartfelt, and full of appreciation and gratitude. Someone who thinks they are coming back doesn't just pour out their emotions like that. Click here to read his very thoughtful blog post:

As I have stated in earlier blogs, I am a fan. I am not a coach, or manager, or GM. My emotions can be seen from the moment I write a word, or the minute you look at my face. You'd think as a Communications Major, I would have figured out how to hide all that nonverbal stuff. I guess I'd never make it as a full time poker player. And because I am a fan, my emotional investment in this team is HUGE. My heart says keep him, while I know that it is probably the right thing to do to let him go.

So Curt, I know the next week will be pretty important to you and your family. I wish you the best of luck, and hope whatever happens, is the best scenario for you and your family. Maybe next year, I'll see you back in Fenway, in a Sox uniform, on the mound. And if you are, you will hear me as I scream your name, clap for you, and support your work out there. And if I see you up there, and your clothes are a different color with a new logo, don't worry, I will still tip my hat off to you, as you will always be the guy with that damn bloody sock.

Monday, October 29, 2007


(made by Ray Shaw, taken from photoshop)

Hey, Red Sox Nation!!! How good do YOU feel today?

Has this World Series win transformed Pawtucket into the baseball Mecca? Should it be renamed, the Harvard School of Baseball Development?
  • Terry Francona - I should never doubt Terry Francona's decisions again. He didn't give up on Pedroia early in the year, when the rest of us had written him off. Tito let Manny milk his oblique injury through September, even when Manny looked fine to the rest of us. Tito also took Okajima out of commission for a rest at September's end. Right at a time when we felt we needed him most. Youk, too. Why? The Yankees had pulled to within 2 games, we thought the goal was to win the AL East, get the best record and have home field advantage. You see, the difference between being a fan and being a good manager, is the good manager can look at the big picture, and keep silly emotions out of it. Tito ignored public sentiment, and stepped off the gas a bit. And because of this, the Sox went into the postseason well rested, and ready to play.

  • Theo - All GMs are going to make good acquisitions, and bad ones. For instance we all agree Josh Beckett/Mike Lowell, Okajima were great acquistions. We also can acknowledge Gagne, and maybe even Drew, were bad ones. The biggest pat on the back goes to Theo and Player Development. Pedroia, Paps, Youkilis, Delcarmen, Lester, and Ellsbury are all EXCELLENT examples of eyeing good prospects out there, signing them and having faith in them. We are so lucky that we can now benefit from these decisions.

  • Starting Pitching - Beckett is the ace he was projected to be, and more. Dice-K, despite his 1 inning implosions, came through in the World Series when it counted. Curt Schilling certainly helped his resume during the postseason. A guy who last week seemed borderline Hall of Fame material, now seems a viable HOF candidate, worthy of consideration. Lester's Cinderella story is an inspiration to anyone who has ever heard of the word, "cancer". And kudos to Wakefield, who could have been selfish and kept his injury quiet, so he could pitch in the World Series. Instead, he graciously stepped aside, for the benefit of his team and his teammate, Jon Lester.

  • The Pen - Delcarmen, Boston's Own, who, under the radar, matured to become a solid middle relief pitcher. Timlin, the Leader of the Pack, who often makes us forget his age when he steps onto the mound. Okajima, the surprise of the year, was once descrbed as the guy from Japan signed to keep Dice-K company. What a foolish mistake, to believe that! And of course, Papelbon. I don't just love this guy because he can dance, sing, and pound down beers like water. Papelbon stepped up when we needed a closer, and proved to everyone that the closer role is exacly where he belongs.

  • The Infield - Lowell - MVP, Mr. Double. The man behind the team, whose presence and personality brings these guys together. No one wants to see him go, particularly to see him in a pinstripe uniform. Let's hope the sides can come to an agreement, and we resign this bulldog. My only fear is he punched a few TOO MANY clutch hits this year, and will expect a 5 year deal. Lowell is one of my favorites, but I don't see the Red Sox willing to agree to a 5 year deal when he is already 34 years old. Pedroia - Rookie of the Year, offensive and defensive power. So awesome that we have him locked long term. Captain Jason Varitek orchestrated the game with finesse. Maybe he didn't bat .300, but he did get key hits, and he kept the pitching staff to the game plan, successfully. And Youkilis is the guy the Yankees hate. What's not to love about Kevin? OK, maybe he sweats too much, but so what? He's got BAT!

  • The Outfield - Manny - Some days I want to punch him, other days I want to hug him. I will take his poor communication skills and awkward baserunning, in exchange for that bat of his in 2008. Drew - The big contract that flopped, $14 million dollar man, will suddenly get a pass, with his playoff production. We will long remember his grand slam in the ALCS Game 6, and hit .300+ average in the postseason. Ellsbury - he looks like Damon, but plays like Ellsbury. He is our new Rockstar. Unfortunately for Coco, having a great glove just isn't enough, when there is a 22 yr. old named Ellsbury in your rear view mirror.

  • The bench - Kelty - the guy who was just happy to be picked up by any team this year. Make no mistake; he left his fingerprint on this World Series, hitting the game deciding home run on his first pitch as a pinch hitter in Game 4. He is the Dave Roberts of 2007.

In the coming days, there will be some many stories to tell about this team, and I, as usual, will not be at a loss for words! Our season in '07 has ended, but prep for '08 has just begun. And don't forget, pitchers and catchers are reporting to spring training in about 14 weeks!

Please continue to visit me at this website from time to time, to keep up on the latest and greatest in Red Sox Nation. For those of you who have come here via the Norwich Bulletin website, bookmark me, so you can continue to read this blog, once the Bulletin and ended my tenure. I am at

Tomorrow is the parade in Boston. While I won't be able to make it, (AARRGGGHH!) Amanda our roving photographer and HUGE Red Sox Fan (I mean that she is a faithful fan, I am NOT insinuating that she is physically big...). She and a few others will be making the Pilgrimage tomorrow and will have lots of photos to share on this blog in the next few days.

What a great ride this has been. I have had so much fun, and this blog has made it more special. Thanks, guys, for making the Summer of 2007 one to remember for a lifetime.


(Photos courtesy of

This will never grow old!

more after work!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Are we on the brink of a Championship?

(photo by J.Redman, from flickr)
Is this it?
Is tonite the night?
Who will be the hero...
a rookie, or a veteran?
Today I feel like a little kid, waiting to go to Disneyland. We just got in the car, and I know its still a long drive, but the adrenaline is so up there, I can feel my heart beating inside my chest. I can't wait until I get there, and and soon as we do, I don't know what I want to do first.
Last night's Rockie comeback to within 1 run showed us all that those boys from Colorado still have a pulse. Don't slow dwn now, Red Sox! Great job, Dice man! Went to a great Halloween party last night, and what made it even greater, was that the hosts put a HUGE flatscreen TV in the party, for all the Sox fans to watch the game. Funny watching people boogying down to disco music, while, a mere 30 feet away, others are clapping for Dice-K.
Bullpen made my heart skip a few beats, how about yours? Thank goodness that Theo had the right brains this year to not give up or give away the likes of Dustin Pedroia, Papelbon, Youkilis, or Jacoby Ellsbury. Do you realize that none of them make more than 495,000 or so? So for $2 million, we have 4 awesome guys. Unbelievable.
See you all later, after tonite's Game FOUR!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Up 2-0, Is this The Last Homestand for #38?

(taken from my camera, just before it died!)
Great great game, Sox fans!
It was are ol' veteran against a rookie Jimenez, who only came into the big leagues in August.
Jimenez was good, but Curt pitched BIG, only giving up 1 run. His pitch choices were very deliberate, and he found his way around the corners of the plate. The highest mph that I recall is 1 at 92, and a couple at 91. Most of Curt's fastballs were around 86-88 mph.
I have to say, with our lead 2-0, I am afraid that this may have been Curt's last game in Fenway as a Red Sox. This makes me very sad. The crowd was very aware of this fact, as well. As Tito came out of the dugout to give Curt his farewell, the place exploded. Roaring applause, and appreciation for the guy with the once bloody sock.
One guy put this sign out there, for Curt to see. Aw, awfully cute, isn't he? Come to find out, FOX thought he was pretty cute as well. A few people have called me to tell me that they saw my husband on TV (pictured above), and McCarver made some remarks about Schill, while my husband held this sign. Jim, I hope you are enjoying that 15 minutes of fame!!!
seems like Curt just got here, remember when we all laughed at this dunkin donuts ad?
Once Curt left the mound, the game quickly turned into the battle of the bullpens, with our 2 reliables being the one-two punch we needed to take this win, and keep the Colorado bats at bay. Okajima pitched flawlessly, striking out 4, and giving up no walks and no hits in 2-2/3 innings.
Paps did what we all expected him to, and more. The best was when he picked off Holliday at first, for a very very important 3rd out in the 8th. When Paps came out of the bullpen with 2 outs in the 8th, you just got the sense that IT WAS ALL OVER. The place was electric.
And just as a final footnote to the evening...
what is the deal with J.D. Drew? Did somebody wake him up or something? Just who is the guy with blond hair in right field, wearing #7, and what did he do with the Drew we've had all year long?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

King Joshua I

Wow, did the Red Sox CRUSH those Rockies last night, or what?
Once again, Josh Beckett came out to the mound with the intensity and focus of a legend. Offensively, the Red Sox were just off the charts, from Pedroia's first swing, to the final out. Anyone who thought that the Rockies having 8 days off would not affect them, certainly are second guessing themselves after last night's drought.
We've got to keep this intensity as we head into Game Two. Tonite, Curt Schilling will take the mound, on 4 days of rest. He will face a young and relatively unknown Jimenez, who was only called up to the majors in August. I hear that his fastball has got some phenominal heat, but his control isn't always there.
Jim and I are heading up to the park tonite, to what is likely my last visit to Fenway this season. I am hoping it will be a pilgrimage to remember, in a good way of course!!
Will it be Curt's last outing in a Red Sox uniform?
I hope to have some interesting photos for you in the next couple of days.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Does ANYONE know who Colorado is? has a funny video, interviewing fans in the city, to see what they know about tonite's opponent, the Colorado Rockies.

Seems like no one knows, or even cares that they don't know Bo about Colorado.
Click below:

I'm Optimistic... but still Cautious

Pennant flag, flying high over the Prudential Building, downtown Boston

(Globe Staff photo, taken by David L. Ryan)

We took the AL East,

Rallied from a deficit to take the AL Championship...

Our next mountain comes from Colorado.

I've never been one to go by how a team looks on paper, to determine whether I think they are going to win. Time and time again, in the playoffs, if you just look at that alone, it does NOT guarantee the win.

Just ask the Yankees. On paper, they looked like their offense was going to CRUSH their way into October. Instead, they got crushed themselves.

The Rockies? Who, other than Rockies fans themselves, would have thought THEY would make it into the postseason, nevermind the WORLD SERIES. Had you told me in May that the Rockies would be in the Series, I would have laughed at you. But not anymore.

The Sox start the World Series tonite (I still get all goosebumpy when I write those words!) at Fenway, against the Colorado Rockies. Josh Beckett vs. Jeff Francis 8:23 pm. Here are the matchups, and Postseason performance by position:

  • 1B Youkilis, .425 Avg. vs. Helton, .154 Avg.
  • 2B Pedroia, .286 Avg. vs. Matsui, .310 Avg.
  • 3B Lowell, .333 Avg. vs. Atkins, .185 Avg.
  • SS Lugo, .229 Avg. vs. Tulowitzki, .179 Avg.
  • Catch Varitek, .243 Avg. vs. Torrealba, .320 Avg.
  • OF Ramirez (.400), Crisp (.161) Drew (.306) vs. Holliday (.286), Taveras (.167), Hawpe (.304)
  • DH Ortiz, .387 Avg. vs. Spilborghs, .300 Avg.

tonite's pitchers: Beckett (1.17 ERA) vs. Francis (2.13 ERA)

Beckett will definitely set the tone for this series, once again. If he plays his game, and we win, it will take the wind out of the young Rockie club. Afterall, the Rockies have won their last 21 out of 22 games, and have had 8 days of rest. Coming into the World Series, their confidence level has been off the charts. Every game they have won since early September was a MUST WIN game for them. How can they not feel like Supermen, with a run like theirs?

And, while their story is the stuff dreams are made of, the Sox have business to finish. Beckett's first loss this year was at the hands of the Rockies, who came here the second week of June. Colorado won that series 2-1. I'm sure Beckett remembers Atkins, who hit a grand slam against him.

Still, I think the Sox have the edge, and will win this all in 6. We've been in first all year long, and its time to seal the deal.

If they lose, will I be upset? Sure, I will be disappointed. But not upset. I am so, so proud of these guys. They have made this summer unforgettable. My family has spent the last 6+ months with these guys, about 170 afternoons and evenings, to be exact. While some parents and their kids might have been watching Extra or Wheel of Fortune, we were tuned in to NESN night after night. Ask my 6 year old Jon what happened on Mother's Day. He might not remember that really cool beaded necklace he made for me, that made me cry when it fell apart 2 days later. But Jon can tell you that on Mother's Day the Red Sox beat the Orioles that afternoon, and they called it a Mother's Day Miracle.

These 40 guys are a permanent part of our lives. No matter what happens. And when they win it all, my family will be there together to celebrate.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Stage is Set... Soxtober vs. Rocktober!!!!

(photo courtesy of

Here's your AL Rookie of the Year, getting it done in Game 7.

Congratulations to our beloved Red Sox, who can now call themselves Champions of the American League, 2007! What a great series this turned out to be, eh? To come back to Boston, down 3 games to 1, and then comeback to clinch it all, at home in front of 36,000+ of your friends. So, so sweet in so many ways.

Where to begin?

Beckett. Series MVP Josh Beckett is certainly making a name for himself in October. 2-0 with a 1.29 ERA this postseason so far. This award is well deserved. We HAD to have a win in Game 5, and he put it on his back and made it happen. Ex-girlfriends, flying tribe towels, tightened backs, none of this would deter his focus. He is our most valuable player, because without his unfaltered command, we might never have made it back to Boston.

Boston Offense at Home. Boston outscored the Tribe 30-5 in the last 3 games. The beauty of it, was that it wasn't our waiting for Manny and Papi. Others stepped up, just as was done all year long. Youkilis was HUGE, going into game 7 he was batting .478 for the ALCS, and by the time he hit that 2 run homer, he was batting an incredible .500. Papi finished .292. Manny, .409. After a slow start, Pedroia proved why he is deserving of AL's Rookie of the Year. His bat electrified games 6 and 7, finishing game 7 with 5 RBIs, which included a double and HR.

Schilling and Dice-K. Games 6 & 7 needed 2 starters who could offer good command. Schill exceeded my expectations, going 7 innings. And Dice-K, while lasting only 5 innings in game 7, only had 2 earned runs, and found himself able to get out of a tough 5th inning. It was a great improvement to his 4- 2/3 innings contribution in Game 3.

Cleveland left their bats back in Cleveland. Travis Hafner batted .148 and struck out 12 times. Grady Sizemore only went 3 for 17 in the last 5 games. Overall, the Indians hit only .176 with runners in scoring position, the last 3 games. Sabathia and Carmona stuggled BIG TIME during the ALCS. They combined for an 0-3 in 4 starts, with a combined ERA of 12.67.

Is the Cleveland 3rd base coach Joel Skinner currently on our payroll? Something tells me he may be sending out his resume during the off season, as his decision to hold Kenny Lofton at third base in the 5th was a disasterous mistake for the tribe. Franklin Gutierrez' single went over 3rd base, into foul territory and bounced into short left. To Skinner, it looked like it might bounce back torwards Lowell or Lugo. So he stopped Lofton in his tracks, as Manny jogged towards the ball. There is NO DOUBT IN MY MIND that Lofton would have been safe.

I must admit, it wasn't until Pedroia's double cleared the bases, that I finally relaxed last night. With the Indians this series, a 1 or 2 run lead seemed never enough. Both sides slowly chipped away, never backed down. Once Pedroia broke it open, then I knew the Championship was within our grasp. Must be the old Sox fan in me. It seems I am always waiting for the bad break to happen. Someone to drop a ball, or throw wildly, causing runs. Or a bad call by an ump, or something like that.

But this time, for once, one of those things DIDN'T happen. We took a lead, and kept it. And pitched our guts out, and crushed the ball.


Way to go, guys. Make sure you pack those winter hats for Game 3, fellas. It's been snowing in Colorado and we, once again need to be ready.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fenway Park Pix from 10-20-07 WIN

Here's the place to get tickets on gameday, as Jim
and I walked by I did see a transaction taking place.
There were about 40 people waiting in line at the time.

As a reminder to all, the legacy of Curt
Schilling is replicated by this fan...

Here is another guy showing off his
Curt Schilling "bloody sock".

I simply kept my socks on, as we hung out on
Yawkey Way, watching everyone mill into the stadium.

Definitely a good vibe, really packed, too! Lots
of people wearing their red shirts and jackets.

On the other side of where Rem-Dawgs is, the Fox
people set up a broadcast tent, similiar to that of NESNs.
The crowd around the NESN booth, as always, was
Jammed, but as you can see here, no one gave a crap
about the Fox people. Tim Mc-who?

Here you go, Sox Nation, as you requested, Jacoby
Ellsbury, in the lineup, his first time up to bat in
the postseason. A few pitches in, and he will get a single.

2 nice neighbors, holding my sign.

Great to see Trot in right field, weird that he isn't
wearing #7. Trot was never booed the whole
evening, unlike my last game vs. the Angels, where
Guerrero was taunted all night long.

Bill Mueller tossing out the ceremonial 1st pitch.
They did a really great job of trying to get the crowd
pumped for the game, using alot of '04 references,
including this former 3rd baseman!

This guy from Canton, CT in front of me, wishing Joe
Torre well. On the back of his sign, was written,
"RESIGN MIKE LOWELL". Amen to that!

Great reference to the Lofton/Beckett confrontation
from Game 5. Beckett Killed Kenny.
You can see by the signs, that Kenny Lofton's face
is in the Kenny cartoon. Hilarious!

Trot caught a flyout by Mike Lowell, and
tossed it into the crowd. My husband
would have caught it, if it weren't for
this guy's old timer's glove.

Jim had a fun time... he is tall, so he can see the
action pretty well... unlike little 'ol me...

here was my view of the action. Being 5"3, I
spent most of the night standing on my chair,
or in front with the Canton guy's wife.

J.D. Drew, game 6 hero. So now that
he hit a grand slam, do we still call
him Nancy Drew?

Stats say it all. Thanks, Curt for a great outing.

Shot of the crowd behind me. The Sox requested that
we all wear red shirts, as you can see, the row
behind me apparently did NOT get the memo.

Manny running out a base hit. It happens so
rarely, that I had to snap a shot of it, for my kids.

Can you see the large crowd, standing on the
Budweiser sign? Never saw that before.
Man, They are getting pretty creative at making up
places to charge for seating in this park. I heard
that all of the Monster and Bud seats were corporate
sponsors, so even if you WANTED to stand there,
it was next to impossible.